Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tiny Tuesday....

I just got a few minutes in the sewing room thanks to a crack of thunder in the distance that put off the pool time for a bit today. It has been 30 minutes since we heard that.... so I think it is pool time!
I was able to sew up these two blocks - Hospital and  A Beautiful Picture. Each little hst is 2 inches unfinished to make a 6.5 inch block.

Does anyone have any hints on how to hang a double size quilt with warm and natural batting? I think the log cabin is 86x86 (I need to measure it) and is finished and out of the dryer. Time for a photo shoot this afternoon and then a post tomorrow. I need to figure out how to get it hung on the big open wall in the kitchen/living room. I have two quilt holders from Joann's but I don't think they will hold all that weight. Any ideas on how to hang this would be welcome.


  1. Love the newest blocks! Does the double size quilt have a hanging sleeve? You could use a curtain rod. Or can you rig a clothesline and use clothespins? I assume you just want to hang it for taking photos?? Good Luck! ~Jeanne

  2. Cutest little blocks! Hanging a big quilt is always a challenge--I use a thick dowel and two pole holders and make hanging straps (loops of fabric either hemmed on the sides or not if I am in a hurry!) I attach to the back. Usually 5 across..two to put outside of the pole holders and three in the center. Good luck Julierose

  3. Cute little blocks :)
    Are you hanging the quilt just for pictures or for londger term display? I bought a compression bar quilt hanger from gwizpro.com several years ago and it is really easy to use and distributes the weight of the quilt evenly along the whole width. It doesn't require a hanging sleeve, and doesn't stick out from the wall as much as a curtain rod setup would. The hanger my dad made me is very similar. Gwizpro makes the hangers to order so you can get it to fit your particular quilt and you can choose the wood and stain. It is a bit expensive if you just need it for picture purposes though!

  4. I hung a quilt in my mom's front entryway using a large curtain rod and clip on curtain hangers. The quilt was almost queen size, so I got a curtain rod that was at least 1/2-3/4" diameter. The rod was also fairly long; it came with a center support bracket and we used it so the quilt wouldn't sag in the middle. Then I bought enough clip on curtain rings (like for cafe curtains) to space them equi-distant across the quilt. Because of the style of the curtain rod, it hangs a little farther from the wall than I like, but it doesn't really matter due to the location.