Sunday, July 27, 2014

July goals task list - recap and onto August goals.

This was my list of goals for July over at the Laundry List Linky party at KCDesigns.

Goals for July.
1. Finish that Log Cabin quilt - So happy to report this quilt is completely completed as you can see here. Now to hang it!
2. Prep and appliqué another Century quilt block. Almost done - 8 more leaves and the center to go. Should be done by the end of this month. I hope to settle in with some stitching on this tonight for my Sunday Slow stitching.

3. Continue assembling the spring flowers quilt. Lots of progress made here. I had an idea while driving to work last Sunday..... so there will be more hexagons needed for this one =) I need to prep some white so I can hook up the last column to the left hand side. Those seven white flowers are made already.

4. Hand quilt the Little T quilt. I did not even look at this one this month - too busy with those spring flowers again.
5. Continue with the RSC Challenge - 12 churn dashes, 13 or so Hexagon flowers, a 16 patch block, sampler blocks posted for the RSC quilt along. Completed =)
6. Tiny Tuesday blocks from The Civil War Love Letter Quilt book. I missed one Tuesday but made two most weeks the rest of the month so all is good there.
7. start step 2 on Celtic Solstice mystery from last fall. Maybe in August?
8.  Get to the beach with the kids - Completed as you can see here.
9. See some fireworks ..... well, it was thunderstorms and raining on July 3rd so we elected not to go to Grandma's and see the fireworks. They did have them very late that night and Grandma did take the kids. Us adults had a lovely kid free evening and most of the 4th of July instead....which is how I got task #1 done!
I also made this little table mat for the fourth of July this month.

August Goals. 
1. Finish another UFO on the list - not sure what it will be. We'll see what I am in the mood for! I'm thinking the maple leaf quilt. Those birds in the air blocks keep yelling they want to be put together.
2. Prep and appliqué another Century quilt block. Two to go!
3. Continue the RSC challenge in the color selected for August.
4. Continue Tiny Tuesday postings.
5. Continue with the spring flowers borders.... thinking white and light and dark pink =)
6. Try something new - either a crochet dish cloth or inklingo printing on fabric for hand stitching.
7. Get a few stitches into the Little T quilt - maybe this will be the car project while waiting to pick up the kids? School does start August 18th... yes, I am counting down the days =)
8. Step 2 of Celtic Solstice. I want this top completed and quilted before the next mystery starts around Thanksgiving so I'd better get moving on this one.
9. Till and plant a garden... I know, it's August- but it seems lots of 'normal' things I used to grow up north are ready to go in this month here in Florida. Trying more sunlight in a new spot and maybe I'll remember to water every day? We'll see. I miss home grown cucumbers.
10. Heck... if I get some of the above done and really use some kid school time maybe I can prep and quilt the crossroads quilt and/or the Rainbow Snails Tail quilt from last year. I know, I'm dreaming.
11. Get out and move more - walk or bike rides. I think this will be easier to do right after dropping the kids off to school for their 7:45 start.

I'm linking up with Kathi over at KC Designs for the ... Laundry List Linky Party.
I am also linking up with Kathys Quilts for Slow Stitching Sunday. Now to get the kids settled down with books before bedtime so I can do some slow stitching on that appliqué block. I see an episode of Downtown Abby in my future... I'm onto season 2.


scraphappy said...

Great progress on July "to do" list. Really ambitious list for August. Hoping for a productive month.

Ray and Jeanne said...

Great goals - I feel like a slacker! I do have quilting goals but usually only for the next day or week. Of course I don't have any cute little munchkins under foot either so I have a little more time. Hope you get lots checked off of your list. ~Jeanne

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

I got tuckered just from reading your list. I have felt tired all day, so I didn't get much stitching done. Some days are just like that!

Moneik said...

Great job! I really need to look over my goals & see what needs to be finished up this week.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

So much lovely progress and projects ! :)

newsurfiegirl said...

Wow you have been busy! Good luck with the August goals.

Happy stitching

Created by Kathi said...

Thanks for linking to my party! Such great accomplishments.. and August looks like a great month for you to get back to moving (exercising after the kids are at school), starting new projects, and finishing some too! Love your flag table topper.. and how your cute hexi quilt top is coming out... what are you planning to bind with? Kathi

Created by Kathi said...

Loving your new blog header and background too! Totally awesome !!!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

You are just so productive!

I keep thinking about watching Downton Abby on DVD but just don't seem to get around to actually doing it.

Mary said...

Your hexagon quilt has such a nice fresh feel to it, and I love your table mat.