Saturday, July 26, 2014

Last Saturday in Red

I'm a little late posting today since I didn't get a chance to sew together my RSC Sampler blocks until after I got home from work tonight. Greg got to work with me today and we hit Sweet Tomato's for dinner before he headed to pick up the kids from Grandma's house. I headed home and got right to work winding some bobbin so I could sew. I sewed a few more of the sashing's onto the little star quilt while I was finishing off the blocks.

All my Sampler blocks in red.... unless Angela decides to sneak another red one in before the end of the month. I need to go back and make the middle smaller for the wonky star... or just make a new one.

My little star baby quilt. I seem to have counted wrong and need a few more yellow cornerstones to finish this off. Not sure what the outer border will be yet, maybe inspiration will hit sometime this week. I'd love to get this a little bigger to a top stage by the end of the month. Now to get some sewing room time..... after I do the necessary cleaning up and putting away a bit. I seem to not know what the bare  floor looks like with all the piles of fabrics for different projects pulled out!

This week was spent organizing things up a bit. The mood for this does not happen very often but when it does I do pretty good. Tuesday I tackled Emily's room. I am happy to report it is still organized and picked up four days later =). It turns out her carpet is beige..... I think we had forgotten! Wednesday I dropped kids to Grandma for a movie day and ran errands all over central Florida  =(.  Four huge bags of outgrown clothes and toys are out of the house... now to do the boy's room. Thursday we cleaned and cleared out the garbage cabinet area and coffee storage after a play date, fruit stand stop and haircuts for the kids. Friday..... I tackled the pantry for 3 hours after some leaf gathering and tracing/rubbing in the back yard. Then it was garbage and recycle to get rid of lots of boxes, some outdated things and lots of leftover candy from the past year.... shhh, don't tell the kids =). I moved things around and now if I can remember where I changed things I'll be all set. All the kids snacks, cereal and things they need are on the bottom two shelfs so hopefully they will keep the chairs out of there so I stop tripping on them!

Head on over to SoScrappy and see all the great red projects. I do wonder what color will turn up for August - baby pastels, orange, black, neutrals/browns...... I guess I'll just have to wait and see.


  1. Working, sewing and organizing - whew! I'm worn out just reading about it! Organizing is a necessary evil though, and one always feels virtuous after tackling it!

  2. See, you don't need me to come cut up the contents of your scrap bin: you actually use yoursd up. I cut all miune up and they still aren't getting used...
    Good job on all the organising. If you're like me, you have to go for it when the mood strikes!

  3. Seems that a few of us have tackled some organizational type projects. What a great feeling having it done! Great job on the RSC blocks.

  4. I tackled Mikaela & Mathew's room today for the same reason. Luckily I got some sewing time in too.

  5. I need to do some organizing and purging .... I think I'll wait until I have to clean out the closet before the closet people come work their magic. Maybe that will inspire me to move on to other rooms while I'm at it. ha!

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you choose for the border for that cute little start quilt!

  6. Great sampler blocks, you did well to get them all done. Love the stars baby quilt. Good for all your cleaning. I so need to tackle the pantry too.

  7. Your sampler blocks look great. I was deep cleaning this week also, like you said when the mood strikes you take advantage of it. Still have more to do maybe another day this week will be spent deep cleaning.

  8. Your RSC blocks look great!

  9. Where do you find all the energy!
    Love all your blocks, dear.


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