Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday - leader and ender sewing....

While sewing the Hunters Star quilt together I have a  basket of 2 inch squares next to the sewing machine. Here and there I put two together and then make a four patch. I had a little pile of four patches so I started putting them together. The thinking is a very scrappy Irish chain quilt.... as a very long term project. The middle square on each of the outside rows is a 'light'. Hopefully it will show up OK in the final quilt.... if not..... oh well, it will be a very scrap happy quilt.

This is the Hunter Star quilt assembled as a top. The points all match - hooray! It fits well on Emily's twin size bed so I don't think I'll make it bigger with borders. The 64x80 size will have to do for Alex's graduation quilt. Now to find backing fabric tomorrow and pin on Friday and start quilting it Saturday.

Time for lunch, then garbage and recycle run and then I suppose I should run the vacuum around the house a bit before picking up the kiddo's from school.


  1. I definitely read "light" in the center of each side of the squares. The Scrappy Irish Chain is a great project for using up absolutley everything. The Hunter's Star turned out GREAT. Love it!

  2. Love, love, love your Hunter's Star. It's one of my favorite patterns and blue and white are always great. The scrap quilt will be wonderful - I don't think you can go wrong even though you have some lights. It will all work out. ~Jeanne

  3. Cute little 2" square blocks. Love your Hunter's Star.
    I'm cutting 2" squares from my smallest scraps this year during the RSC with the thought that I'll do so something colorful scrappy next year. Going to watch you for ideas : )

  4. Your Hunters Star looks fabulous! I don't think you can ever go wrong with a two-color quilt, especially blue and white. It always makes such a striking quilt! And a Hunters Star is such a fabulous block. I see the light ... I think it'll be a fabulous scrappy quilt. My Leaders and Enders blocks have fallen by the wayside as I've been doing so much paper piecing lately.

  5. Your blocks remind me of scrambled Rubik's cubes. Loving that Hunter Star quilt.

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