Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tiny Tuesday...

I finished off the yellow in the middle of this one last night! Finally a midget block done before a Tuesday. I am showing this ruffle flower off next to my awesome smelling flowers by my back patio.

This is a shot of the double rainbow after the thunder storm went through last night. It dropped the temp from 92 to 70 very quickly. 

Looks like another hot one today.... must bring lots of water to soccer practice this evening. I'm off to trim up the hunter star blocks for a bit and then I need to go pick up lunch from Wendy's for my lunch with Aidan at school today. Emily had a subway sub yesterday when I went in to have lunch with her. This is the last time that will happen this year as they are out of school in just a few weeks.


  1. Cute block and lovely gardenia!

  2. Lovely tiny block and lovely rose too! My dd is on a countdown for June 3! lol Love your double rainbow shot! Kathi

  3. Lovely little block and a great setting for it. Exactly two weeks till the end of school here, so lots of end of year concerts and ceremonies going on.

  4. What a cute little block ... fabulous staging for it, too! Wow, it doesn't seem possible that school is almost over. But it is mid-May after all. Where has this year gone? ;-)