Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tuesday... midget appliqué progress.

I have been busy with my needle and thread attaching these 2 inch blue strips to the midget applique blocks. I have 7 rows of 3 and the rest are twosies. I figured I'd better make seven sets of three so I don't have all sets of 2 and then need to remove some of the strips to make my rows work. Hopefully I am spreading out the colors....

These two were sitting on this at the same time and staring at me! Silly girls. Yes, I forgot to put away those two little Christmas trees. 


  1. The blue works so well against that cheery yellow. It is a long held custom or tradition in my family that at least one Christmas decoration is forgotten in the pack up. Said decoration is then stored in a safe place and promptly forgotten about for some time. Usually two or more years as it always manages to find its way to the back of said safe storage place and remain out of sight. A rare sighting of cats in a cat tree.

  2. Those blocks look beautiful with the blue sashing. I look forward to seeing it all finished.

  3. It is really coming together...I really like the blue with the yellow.

  4. What a bright and happy quilt! Good thing you are thinking ahead - I need to follow your example more often :*) The kitties were clearly impressed with your work =^..^=


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