Tuesday, August 2, 2016

July appliqué block done..... as 4 new ones are released for August.

I got my last July 1857 appliqué block completed last night. It was a movie evening (Despicable me and Despicable me 2) after a full and fun day at Wild Waters as a family. It was a girl scout family event. Not too many people there at the park so there were no lines for the rides.... we went on all 4 of them numerous times. The wave pool was broken but the slides kept the kids entertained and lots of walking and stairs to get up to them had everyone nicely tired out last night. Kids are still sleeping at 7:15! Unheard of. Tomorrow starts with the school wake up times.... as they are back to school next Wednesday the 10th.


  1. WOW nice block--and back to school already? Didn't summer just start?? time flies for sure. hugs, julierose

  2. Great job! I just love when I finish and the next blocks are ready to go.


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