Sunday, May 7, 2017

Lazy Sunday....

Everyone slept in this morning... I know, that never happens! Sleeping in means after 7AM for my kids =). I think the temps getting down into the high 40's helped with the sleeping. Too bad we are back to 'normal' Florida temps  today in the upper 80's. I was rather enjoying the 70's of the last 2 days.

The kids were looking at the cookbooks again today. They made a coffee cake - all by themselves. Yup - took them over an hour to get it into the oven and then the cook time and cooling time. Around 10AM we had breakfast! They did a good job. While listening to them in the kitchen (open area kitchen and living room so I can see them from my recliner) I got a few stitches in on my 1857 appliqué block. I know - the stem is a little off kilter.... so I might just add another little stem to connect it! That and one more leaf on the stalk should have this one completed today..... and maybe I can get the corner peels on too!

What are you planning to stitch today? Head on over the Kathy's Quilts and see what people are relaxing with on this beautiful Sunday.


  1. Your block looks great - and I don't see anything "off kilter." Love the quilt in your blog header, too!

  2. Hey Deb... I have enjoyed the cool weather as well here on the east coast... I am glad your kids slept in and are getting along well enough to cook breakfast too! I miss those times with my kids when they were home :) Enjoy every second.. they will be off being adults before you realize... love your block you are working on! Kathi

  3. We are in the 40s right now and going to the 30s tonight!
    Your stem is fine ; leave it alone :)

  4. Alas, I had to make my own breakfast. You are a blessed Mama! :)

    I think your applique is looking great! And that quilt in your bright and cheerful!

    1. I've had them measuring things in the kitchen with me since they were 2 years old. At 9 and 8 I am enjoying having them help me and start to plan meals. They are pretty creative in the kitchen and are willing to try things if they make them. I hope to get a couple of these blocks done this month as I am thinking of how to finish off an appliqué border on another quilt.... hopefully inspiration will strike this week so I can get another top to a finish stage in the next couple of months.

  5. I love the idea of stitching while your breakfast is being prepared, and listening to their little voices!

  6. I don't think my kids ever made breakfast where I didn't have to be there. Your stitching looks good. I agree that you need to add a little something to that stem. Otherwise, it looks great.

  7. I only learned recently that American coffee cake doesn't have any coffee in it.