Monday, May 29, 2017

Monday.. progress but still not done.

Well, I did manage to get the third section quilted, and attached to the first two parts. I still need to machine quilt the border... which I think decided how to do it. 

The next decision..... the binding. Hmmmmm it will need lots of fabrics as each side is 92 inches. I'm thinking scrappy... if I can find enough of the hand dyed fabrics. Fingers crossed I can find them otherwise I'll have to grab the purple I know I have a good chunk of.

Emily wanted to show how comfy it is! Silly girl.

We did hit the park this morning. This was before Emily's friend from school arrived. Boy - 9AM and it was already dripping hot weather. I guess summer has really hit.


scraphappy said...

So close! What a fabulous finish, just around the corner.

Deb A said...

Just the binding to stitch down.

a good yarn said...

Emily has done a pretty good job of showing how comfy the quilt is. Winter has set in here and I'm loving it!