Thursday, June 1, 2017

17 in 2017....

May was not a very productive month... but......

The 2015 RSC Challenge quilt.. I really need a name for this one!.... got quilted and the binding is sewn to the front. I just need to hand stitch it down.... hopefully that will happen this month. This one is a biggie - 92x92 and quilted on my little viking domestic sewing machine in three sections, then machine stitched together on top and hand stitched on the back. It worked out well and was a great way to machine quilt a huge quilt on my little machine. I found enough of the hand dyed fabrics for the scrappy binding.

I also finished step 4 of the crochet mystery I started a couple of years ago. Now to add the white middle on all 20 of them for step 5.

Head on over to see how Meredithe and others did this month with moving along some UFO's.

I think my hand pieced and hand appliqué midget blocks top will come out to play this month. I want to make an appliqué border for it... but I think I need a small framing border first...Hopefully I can decide on a color soon (dark blue, green?) to hand stitch that on before starting to appliqué some vines, flowers and maybe a bird or two onto the yellow border. Each block finishes at 4.5 inches in this quilt...I  did about one a week while waiting in the car line at school on the kids to make this one.

It is $2 movie day today - a movie, popcorn and a drink to see Sing. It's my day off so I said I'd take the kids. Must grab a shower first so I'd better be off of here.


  1. congrats on the "finish"!!! (it's close enough to call it that!) I recently finished mine as well- it just needed binding, too. it's off to a happy home, and that's a good thing!

  2. I like both of your quilts! Good for you finishing your Rainbow quilt!

  3. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"?
    Think ukulele.
    I got all the midget blocks and hope to make it some day.

  4. Beautiful progress! May not have been productive, but June is off to a fabulous start!

  5. A finish is on the horizon. Stitch faster!! :P

  6. Your RSC 2015 quilt turned out great! The scrappy binding was a great idea. Kudos for figuring out a good way to quilt it on your home machine!

  7. RSC 2015 is a stunning quilt. I'm sure a good name will come to you. That appliqué quilt looks good too.