Friday, June 16, 2017

RSC Post.... Inventory time...

Wow, that week went by quickly! The kids had Camp Invention all week so I had a quiet time to work without them home during the day. It was lovely.

I decided it was time to pull out my RSC things and see where I was as I have missed a few months on some things. June is a good halfway point to review as we are half way through the year.

Another 16 patch block was made to go with the growing collection. I found black and tan squares the multicolored month and sewed those together while they were out. I think those were leftover from my maple leaf quilt years ago!

I completely forgot about the friendship stars!.... I have 12 in purple and red but nothing else. Maybe some yellow ones will get added this month? I'm not sure I have that much yellow but we'll see.

I found my bow ties..... There are purple and teal... a couple red, green and I cut for 12 yellows to be made this month. Maybe I'll fill in the red and green this month too? We will see.

I made my blossom blocks earlier this month so I am set with that collection. Just waiting on the blue, orange and pink month I believe to finish those.

The green and browns that I cut last month for the bricks and stepping stones are all sewn together. That top just needs a small printed black inner border then the green small check for the outer border to make this a top. Such a fun and cute free pattern from Bonnie Hunter.

Linking up with the RSC Challenge on Saturday... if I am allowed!  Head on over and take a look. 

We will be attending a birthday party for one of the cub scouts in the morning and taking Papa A out to lunch for an early Fathers Day. Emily is trying to make Saturday our 'electronic free day' but she has allowed me the use of my phone for calls and texting - no game playing though.... or checking blogs. I'll be back on Sunday though to visit all the links. So... this might not get linked up until Sunday.


  1. You have found a lot of wonderful treasures there!
    So many choices of projects to work on!

  2. Love that bricks / stepping stones...the colors look wonderful together. Oh those little stars...I do remember when you started them, thinking how cute they were.

  3. Isn't is funny how we choose to move ahead on certain projects, leaving others to stagnate?! I had a similar situation in my sewing room. All of the Scrap Jar Stars were made and all of the X Block squares cut for the RSC15 Sampler, but the (substitute) Slab Stars for that quilt only had TWO colors sewn and a third cut. What's up with that?!?!

  4. So nice to find projects started earlier and have the opportunity to pick them up again. Great job on the stepping stone top.

  5. I think you well and truly qualify for RSC! Stepping Stones is a really nice quilt.

  6. Looking good on everything! Don't you just love this rainbow scrap challenge. Just keep making colorful blocks until you have enough for a quilt.

  7. All your blocks are lovely. I'm planning on making a BH Bricks & Stepping Stones quilt, maybe next year. I've pulled the black & light fabric to start sewing the 4-squares.

  8. Bricks & Stepping Stones looks great - what a good pattern to use for a "masculine" quilt. Good luck with your "electronics free day" - what a great idea!

  9. You have a lovely collection of different blocks. They will all get done in the end, but,a half way check is a good idea. Keep up the good work!