Sunday, June 4, 2017

Slow Sunday.....

Well, I do know some slow stitching will happen today! I have 3 sides of binding left to hand stitch down on my 2015 RSC Challenge quilt... which means it is almost done (well, 276 inches of binding to go).

I got the first side done last night watching a movie and watching the cats dare to come out of the bedroom while there is a dog in the house! We are dog sitting Buddy the horse... I mean dog while Grandma is up in Ohio. The cats are not happy but are doing a good job of staring him down. He was sleeping in my office this week while I was working (old kids play room with play dough stuck in the carpet!)

Emily had her first non-family sleepover last night at my girl scout co-leaders house with a few of the other girls from the troop. No phone calls and they are up and watching movies waiting on ice cream waffles for breakfast =). Ms Sarah is laughing and telling us 'your welcome for sending them home all sugared up!'.

We have a memorial service today to head to this afternoon. (Mom- Ms. Gails husband from the store Mr. Mike passed last Saturday). I'm sure pool time will happen today and probably game night later this evening. Just another Sunday =)

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  1. Quick work on the binding. That is a lot of distance to cover!

  2. Love your quilt, enjoy your stitching and your Sunday.

  3. I am sure that binding will be done in no time. Enjoy the dog sitting even though your cats won't. I am sure they will happily snub you once the pup goes home.

  4. Lovely quilt! I love doing the binding. It is hard to let our little ones stay away. I still find it hard and Hunter is almost 15

  5. So jealous that RSC is done..I have alternate blocks left to was pulled for my UFO challenge this month and I still do not want to tackle it--mainly because I do not have the space to really lay it out upstairs..maybe I will take a day and haul it downstairs!

  6. Oh my that is a lot of inches to sew in regards to the binding. LOL my youngest son has been here for two months ( as of yesterday ) since his dad died, and his dog and my cat are still 'at it' a good bit of the time.

    MY concern is for the dog LOL! She could scratch his eyes out...he just wants to play