Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday already!

Long time no post! I really need to get back to my 15-20 minutes a day of stitching.... and less time on the computer reading the news..... more relaxing stitching and less stressful news stories.

I have not done too much sewing this week but..... I did get to repin the middle section of my RSC 2015 quilt and started machine quilting that on Thursday. All the X's got put into each block. Just need to go back and add the petals around each section. I was so hoping to do that today (and still might?)
Edited: I took an hour and got the petals machine stitched onto the middle section. The two sections done and the back to see the petals! Just need to pin back the batting and backing on one section and prep the back 'sashing' to connect the two parts by hand.

I really want to get the two sections sewn together in the quilt as you go method... which will be some relaxing slow stitching on the backing. The car also got taken in to get the tire light to turn off.... and since I was downtown I called the hubby and asked if he wanted to do Olive Garden for lunch.... since it will be the last time available before kids are out of school next week. I have Thursday's off... and next week they get out at noon the last 3 days of school. Yes, I am already counting down the day's until August 10 when they go back to school!

I have been slowly working on step 4 of the crochet mystery from a few years ago. I finished the last 3 yesterday. The next clue is an easy one so all 20 blocks should have a middle flower added to them by next week... as long as I make 4 little middle sections instead of the 5 I managed to add to the second one I did. Oops.... need to take that out and fix it. I have been looking at some completed projects  and it is growing on me! They get joined together in the next step....

The kids got their soccer trophies Thursday night so the soccer season is officially over. This was their photo from soccer this year. I really need to distribute these to the grandparents.

Saturday was a girl scout trip to the Florida Aquarium in Tampa with the troop. The 9 girls that went had a great time. Then bridging ceremony is Monday night. I'm picking up pizza's for before the ceremony and then the girls wanted to make sunday's after so all those things need to get picked up too. I think I have everything ready for the bridging ceremony.... then done with girl scouts until August.... except for the planning of course.

Happy news... I booked 2 weeks up in Vermont (hope we don't drive you nuts Mom and Dad!) this summer with the kids. So happy to get out of the oppressive Florida heat to the nice green mountains and the lake out at camp.

Unfortunately I need to get some working hours in today to meet a deadline and make up for honor award ceremony Wednesday with Aidan, Thursday with Emily and half day releases on Wed-Fri with the kids.  I should get some relaxing stitching in at some point today..... I'm thinking my trip around the world quilt needs some attention. Poor thing has not been worked on in weeks and it is pouting in the corner. Time to give it some attention so I can get to the next 3 colors with a roll soon.

Linking up to Kathy's Quilts, where she reminds us to take some time for us each week to breathe, relax, recharge and regroup for another week.

For slow stitching.... sharing a photo I took at the playground a couple of weeks ago with Emily... he was eating as we walked on the trail.

and then at the Aquarium yesterday in the cage with the lemurs were these two.

 Have a great week!


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

LOL I like the slow stitching turtles :)

The Joyful Quilter said...

Your hand quilting is turning out beautifully! I haven't hand quilted since February of 2000. I admire people who can still hold those tiny needles!!

Kristie said...

It's hard to believe that your kids are that grown up! Shew....where does time go?

Love your quilt. You always have the best fabric selections.

Margie said...

I am in love with the quilt that you have pictured at the top of your page. Is there anyway I can get a picture of it so I can put it with my "Want to Make quilts"? Enjoy reading your blog and Thank You

CathieJ said...

I love your stitching projects. Thanks for the animal pictures.

Kate said...

Your RSC sampler quilt looks great! Hope you find some time to get in some stitching before the kids get out of school. We have graduation this week, so stitching time is going to be a bit limited for me too.

a good yarn said...

Turtle pace definitely describes my stitching speed. At least you are making some progress on those terrific projects.

Deb A said...

Margie - I am sorry I can't e-mail you back as you are a no reply blogger and your google profile does not have an e-mail. Thanks for your interest in the photo. I think I refer to that one as cubes if you want to search for it on my blog. You can then save off the photo to your computer. Thanks.