Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Something new...

Well, not new really. A UFO from a 2015 crochet mystery that I never finished. I seem to be avoiding the sewing projects so I guess it is time to mix it up a bit! I have this on my 17 in 2017 UFO list... so I have been going back the last couple of days and reviewing the video's Mikey made for each step. I have figured out I am on step 4 with 11 of the 20 blocks done out of 10 steps. I think I have watched most of them... and will watch each section before I begin the corresponding step. I have learned some new techniques with this and new to me stitches. So nice to have a video to show how to do it - which is the way I learn best.

I need to weave in some of the strands from step 4 and finish the other blocks.
I wrote down my colors to the corresponding letters so I know what color goes where.  A = main color of medium blue, B = light blue, C = cream and D = dark blue. Now to get started on them!


  1. Sometimes you just need to mix it up and enjoy a change of pace. I've been low on sewing and higher i8n gardening the last few weeks... Those crochet blocks are intriguing.

  2. if you need a new distraction then this is a pretty good distraction.

  3. You are multi-talented!! :) This was fun to see...I think that you can do just about anything.