Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday again...

Well, it was a rainy weekend. I did try some machine quilting yesterday while Aidan and Daddy were napping... broke 4 needles and got very will try again when I get a chance. I just did some loops and really need to work on tension and not breaking needles when they hit the plate! I did get the rows sewn together on a quilt last week so here is a picture with my borders to be... a mottled green fabric, then the flying geese then more of the mottled green fabric. I think it will come out good... Maxie decided she needed to be in the shot!

That's it for now. Need to toss in some laundry and pick up a bit while Aidan is sleeeping off his fever.
Have a great day everyone.


Moneik said...

Your quilt is really coming along. Have you tried Topstitch needles? I find they are awesome for quilting. I don't know how I every quilted without them. I still piece with sharps, but the quilting is all done with topstitch.

Suzan Oxenreider said...

I agree with Moneik. I use topstitch needles for quilting as they are just more "heavy duty".