Thursday, May 1, 2008

No Sleep!

Yikes! I really got used to him sleeping through the night and boy has that changed. Tuesday night was a 4AM feeding and last night I was up and awake more than in bed we slept in this morning. I did get a little sewing in yesterday while he was napping...sewed some rows together that I had pinned earlier. Eventually I'll finish that top but not sure if that will be this week or not. Ok, almost 1PM so I am off to get a shower while he is sleeping again...wish I could sleep more but now I am wide awake! Oh, I actually read a book last night... it is a 3 story Nora Roberts book. I read the first story over the weekend and did the second last night. This is the first book I have read since Aidan was born....


  1. I'm sure it's a great feeling to be able to read now. I have been trying to get a book read for the last month and it's finally starting to go together and I think I may finish it this weekend. Hope you get a little more sleep tonight.

  2. You will look back and treasure these early morning times with your son... mine are grown with kids of their own and I still have the sweet rememberances of just me and him in the big rocker. Sometimes we even fell asleep together! You can catch up on the sleep, but this time only happens once.
    spoken by someone not feeling sleep deprived! LOL!

  3. I remember those days with my kids ,enjoy them ,they grow up all to fast .Catch a few winks when the baby sleeps ,the house work can wait till later .