Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stormy weather...

Well, we finally got rid of the awful hot, hazy and humid 90 degree weather we have been having since Saturday but had some awful thunderstorms yesterday afternoon. They even issued tornado watch in Vermont! That never happens! We did get walluped with a couple of storms, the first one knocked out our power about 2:30 yesterday and we did not get it back until 12:40 this morning. I really missed electricity, but was thankful that the temp outside went from 101 (probably in the sun) to 71.4 in about 15 minutes! The house was still 80 on the first level and 86 on the second.... so I took Aidan outside once the rain stopped and strolled around the yard.

No sewing during the heat wave but I did get most of a charity quilt top pieced last week. Just need to add the borders and will post a picture when I get that done.


  1. What are normal summer temps in Vermont? Weather all over the US has been crazy for the past couple of weeks!

  2. Not just the US.

    we've been sticky hot for a few weeks now but no sign of a storm to cool things down unfortunately.

    love and hugs xxx

  3. Hope things cool down for you! I have a good friend in NJ who's in the same hot weather boat with no AC and the local repair guy too swamped to make a quick repair! At least hot muggy weather is a good excuse to stay in and sew!