Monday, June 2, 2008

long time since the last post...

It has been a long week and not too much accomplished. I did manage to figure out how to make a cover for our foot rest. I finished it last night and just need to add some batting around the sides to cushion the metal for possible Aidan falls once he starts moving around. It turned out ok, but took longer than I thought it would....everything seems to be that way! Here is a picture of it before I add the padding underneath.

I did manage to get Aidan's pictures taken at Sears last week. He was pretty good for them so we get the pictures back on Thursday. I can't wait to see them.
Oh, the geese came back and I got a better picture of them. Here it is.
***edited *** The daddy is a little farther down the road. I did not get him in this shot.


  1. The geese are really sweet. What a treat to see them walking down the road.

  2. Where was the Daddy or Mother Goose...our baby geese don't go anywhere without Mother and Daddy. Now we did have one family several years ago when the Daddy was killed and then the Mother raised them alone (all 5 of them).

    Cover on stool looks great.


  3. Oh, the geese are so cute! Thanks for sharing that picture. You did a nice job on the ottoman cover. I just made kitchen chair cushions and so I jnow the sense of accomplishment that you feel.

  4. great job on the ottoman. I keep looking for one in consignment stores to cover but haven't found anything suitable yet.

  5. Your foot rest looks great! And very cool about the geese!