Friday, September 12, 2008

Chelsea bag, completed!

I got the pattern for the Lazy Girl Chelsea bag last summer/fall and started making my 'practice' bag earlier this summer. I finally finished it last night!

So, two things checked off my list so far. I also bought a hoop for hand quilting and did a little bit last night after finishing the bag. I was going to cut out my shashings for the pinwheel quilt.... but was trying to work off my stash and really do not like the 3 things I pulled as possible. I think we'll take a trip to the fabric stores today and see what I can find. The pinwheel quilt is the 'leftovers' from my hubbys quilt using the Nickle quilts book patterns. I tried a medium and light beige and a mottled dark green but neither is looking good to me. I think I want a medium color pattern that has both greens and browns in it....lets hope I can find some today. I also need to select my fabrics for the mystery quilt that starts on the 20th.

The reason I got some sewing in last night - Aidan fell asleep in his high chair a little after 6 last night. He was sleep eating at the end, eyes closed but kept opening his mouth and was chomping and swallowing his food. I guess he had a busy day yesterday with only a 1.5 hour nap in the morning. We went to lunch with some former co-workers of mine (one of my clients as I was a consulting computer programmer) and he was so good at the chinese buffet. Just looking around and playing pick up with his toys while I ate and chatted.
After a crying in his sleep around 9, he was only up for 15 minutes and slept though the night until 6:15 this morning! Either a growth spurt, cold or he will reach a milestone soon.
Here he is this morning playing with his bus.

Mr. rolley has rolled across the living room, so I guess it is time to go make him breakfast. Have a great day everyone.


Barb said...

Chelsea is one of the few Lazy Girl bags I haven't done ~ but it's definitely on my list. Great job.

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

That baby is too cute. So wish I had homemade tomatoes. They are always the best!