Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well, in between canning tomato's on Saturday I did do some errands/shopping. Groceries and just had to go to the big store so I could hit Joann's and the quilting thread place. They had sent out an e-mail to guild members saying that Saturday the thread was 50% off.... so I figured I'd stop in and try some 'good' thread. I got a King Tut, a Alex Anderson Master Piece and a Bottom Line. Just got neutral colors so will try them out over the next month or two.

Been busy this morning - baked some pears for Aidan food - some in the fridge for his fruits for the next day or two and some in the freezer. Also did some plums and hopefully those freeze ok. Folded a couple loads of laundry from yesterday and put some new loads in.... had to get the 12 months clothes out of the big box and get that washed. He is growing so fast... and that gives me the long sleeves and long pants we need now as the weather is getting chilly. Heading out to lunch with some friends so need to jump in the shower while he is napping.

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Barb said...

Can you send some of that chilly weather this way. It won't start getting chilly here until ~ well pretty much NEVER! I shouldn't complain, I love the tropical weather here in Fla.