Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's officially Autumn!

and the weather feels like it. A bit chilly this morning... I just hope it did not get down to 32 or below, since I did not cover the pepper plant and herbs.

Did not get much done this weekend. Aidan did good in the pool again on Saturday. I did go to the first class of the mystery quilt and got all the cutting instructions. I was able to get my fabric ironed and cut yesterday during Aidan's nap...I just need to go pick out the inner border and cut that.

Had a baby doctor ultrasound screening yesterday, but won't know the results for a week or so. Have my regular checkup this morning... I think. I did not get a 'reminder call' so will check when they open at 8. Hope to go to the gym after and then really need to get groceries, since I have not made it there the last 3 days.
Also need to clean up the house this week, my MIL is flying up from Florida on Friday for a week.
No pictures this morning.... need to go feed the boy breakfast.
Have a great day everyone.


Barb said...

Can you send some of that cooler weather down here to Fla (or at least send some home with your MIL) ~ it won't cool off here till sometime in December

Three Birds Inspired said...

Are your trees pretty already? They are just starting to turn in the mountains here but we have weeks to go before we see pretty foliage.