Thursday, October 11, 2012

I forgot how quickly a quilt comes together when the blocks are not 4.5 inch finished! These 9 patches will be 9 inches finished. I am shooting for a 9x7 setting. Since I had twice as much brown as blue... it was pretty easy to determine which color blocks would be the big ones. They do show as dark as in the picture but knowing the house it is going into darker is better for hiding dirt. This will be an anonymous xmas gift to a family of 4 kids in a cool climate that tend to have the heat/electricity turned off and not much supervision by their parent. This will be for one of the boys. The pinwheel blocks from the RSC challenge are being made into two quilts for the two girls. I have another homespun quilt planned for the older boy. Now... if I can just get them all finished, quilted and bound so I can ship them off to Vermont by mid Decmeber. Wish me luck!

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Sheila said...

I didn't know that this is how you put together an Irish Chain quilt! I think I can do that. Thank you.