Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday evening....

I am oh so close to enjoying some relaxing slow stitching. The kids are in their night time bath and shower right now. They got a little smoky from burning the brush in the fire pit this afternoon.

I had been unhappy with my green trip around the world block and finally decided to dig and see if I could find some other fabrics to finish it off better. I found some so those were cut on Monday, the existing 30 inch block was unpicked on Wednesday night up to the white round and now I plan to add more of these new green squares on. I only had the first round of 28 marked for hand piecing so I finished adding my lines at work today in between customers so I am all set to complete this block! It is already making me much happier with the new fabric choices.

Original block I made
Mock up with 'new' fabrics.

After working I got home and grabbed a nice salad for my very late lunch. Then played some games with the kids (fishing, connect four and Zingo) while Greg made dinner. I did pick up and clean the kitchen tonight (with some help from Aidan!) and while Aidan was washing a few of the dishes I was busy separating the coconut meat from the shell. They went shopping yesterday and picked up a coconut and a papaya. Aidan did not like the coconut juice but Em and Greg did. I finished getting the coconut out and peeled and then let the food processor shred it. I see some Magic Cookie Bars being made tomorrow to use it up.... or... I could just add some into the granola bars I want to make. Hmmmmmmm

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Paula said...

I definitely like the new block better. I know how hard it is to reverse sew (been there, done that) it will be worth it. I know if I don't like something but keep going, I'm usually sorry and don't like the finished piece. I recently took apart a finished friendship braid quilt top because I wasn't happy with the sashing. People thought I was crazy, but I am much happier with the new sashing and love the finished quilt so much, I just may keep it. Thanks for the great blog!

Donna M said...

I agree. If it was not making you happy, then change it. Quilting is supposed to be fun and relaxing. If you don't like what you are doing, it becomes a ufo. Your block looks great!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Definitely worth the redo. I've never had a fresh coconut ... but I'll bet it's good (and worth the extra work).

Quilter Kathy said...

It's so interesting how some combinations just don't make us happy and with some changes, we are delighted :)