Saturday, April 30, 2016

An afternoon of sewing...

So nice to get an afternoon of peace and quiet with the sewing machine. A mystery with my old guild in Vermont gave the final clue this week. I had the 12 blocks made but finished this little quilt into a top today.

I sewed all the purple butterfly's today and added my last orange pinwheel and sewed them all into rows.

I also got the orange bird in the air blocks completed.....which was photo bombed by Sophie.

Grandma kept Emily too so it is a no kid night. Come back tomorrow....a little more orange got worked  on today too....but that one is for another post.


  1. The mystery quilt turned out very nicely, and as always I am impressed with how many blocks you complete in a month. Enjoy your kid-free night!

  2. Hooray for progress!! And for a kid-free day, too! You LOVE them, but it's SEW good to get a break now and again.

  3. What a great block collection. Such a productive month!

  4. Your mystery quilt is so summery looking - love it. It makes me want to go to the beach!

    Your orange blocks look great...I haven't been doing any quilting at all so I still need to make my orange blocks for the RSC sampler.

  5. oooo a fat cat! Lovely! I love a big cat and yours is so precious. So white! I get stuck making decisions on setting too. Then a ufo is born. LeeAnna