Sunday, April 17, 2016

Slow Stitching Sunday.....

My slow stitching is going to have to wait until this evening. I am scheduled to work at the store today for the last day of a sale. At least it is a 4 hour day for me.... well not including the 1 hour before of paperwork I need to catch up on.
I'll get through the day looking forward to working on one of these projects.

Adding the next round to the Trip Around the World Quilt with my 2 inch blocks.

Prepping and starting the next 1857 block. I got my border fabric and some more purples and greens for the project in the mail from Connecting Threads yesterday. I think I might prep some of the border blocks while drawing my own block to replace the tools block #8. I think I'll do 3 tulips with a yellow butterfly near one. I see lots of yellow butterfly's down here in Florida all the time so want to include one in this block. This is the last block I completed in the 1857 album quilt. 7 blocks completed so far of the 14 that have been released.

Head on over to Kathy's Quilts and see what other hand stitching is happening around the world.


  1. Your Trip around the World is growing, I see, and looking really good too! CT has had a lot of nice purples lately, I'm sure they'll look great in your quilt!

  2. Your Trip Around the World is going to be beautiful when its done, love the color placement. Those purple blocks are quite pretty. My Lantana has had yellow butterflies flitting around it for days too.

  3. Your applique circles are great! Circles were hardest for me to master, so great job!

  4. Loving your Trip Around the World with all its bright colors. Don't work too hard today.

  5. Oh that TATW is so it!! hugs, Julierose

  6. Finally getting around to visiting the Slow Sunday Stitching links...
    you are so bold with the colour on TATW... way to go! Love
    that red beside the yellow!