Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Row By Row Experience....

I was poking around on-line yesterday and found out that the Row by Row Experience starts today!
The travel dates this year are June 21, 2016 through September 6, 2016. The theme - Home Sweet Home.

I picked up a few of the patterns last year, mostly while on vacation at the beach around the Melbourne area - and only made one of them up! Hey - I think I hit 5 shops in about 2.5 hours so it was a great little shop hop!  Do I want to join in this year... heck yeah. Will I? Hmmmm not sure. The good thing about this is that the shops that are participating offer their pattern for free. Most also offer a kit of their block - which is a great deal... and some have fabric license plates from their shops. Last year I joined up with Angela and her daughter from the RSC Challenge over at SoScrappy and hit a few shops over by the beach while I was on vacation. I'm heading over again early next week..... might have to hit a shop or two while there..... just for the free pattern of course.

My Quilting in Vermont Facebook group was my 'reminder'. One of my favorite shops Yankee Pride in Essex Jct. Vermont posted their row... and it reminded me of my good friend Michelle up in VT. She loves the Wizard of OZ and the row is Dorothy's red shoes on the yellow brick road. Very fitting for the theme this year of 'Home Sweet Home'.

Will you be joining in? The link above has options to find stores that are participating by state or province (Canada is joining in this year again!).

Below are some photo's of my rows from last year.

Last year's Row by Row patterns and license plates.

The one row I actually made!
A shot of the row from the store... love this one. Might have to pull it out and make it. They added beads which just made this a spectacular row. 


Moneik said...

I like to buy the license plates, but not the rows. I know I'll never make them. It's fun to visit different shops. I hit up 3 last week on our way to Denver.

canuckquilter said...

I hope to stop at a few shops during our family vacation, though I'm not sure how much patience the family will have for it! There's one in particular I insist on. That shop's plate reads "Sew with Jo". Can't pass that one up :)

Angie said...

I'm really trying to avoid new projects, but both of my local quilt shops have really cute rows this year!