Sunday, March 11, 2018

Slow Sunday...

I had a slow Saturday evening and relaxed with some stitching on my sage green dresden plate. I got the blades all quilted and will work on the cross hatching in the white today.
The front of the sage green dresden.

The back.

This is number 6 out of 12 dresdens I plan to get quilted this year. The others can be found here.

Linking up with Kathy and the other turtle stitchers.

The kids are on spring break and Emily has been wanting to make fluffy slime all week long. Dad took her out to buy the needed supplies Saturday afternoon (glue and contact solution and shaving cream) and she got busy making some. When her brother got home from his party he had to make some too. Kept them both busy for a few hours....and they actually cleaned up the total disaster they made in the kitchen and their clothes. We will see if it comes out or not - shirts are soaking in oxyclean in a bucket out back.


  1. Pretty green Dresden! I’ve never made slime...looks like fun even if it is messy.

  2. another pretty dresden / hope the clothes come out ok!

  3. Beautiful dresden which are favourites of mine!
    Love the activity with the kids; I must tell my daughter as she has a 4 year old who loves arts and crafts.

    1. There are plenty of recipes for it online using various things around the house.

  4. wow what slime - my daughter does a lot of these things as the children's librarian at our county library in the children's programs

  5. Your Dresden is really pretty. I like your quilting.

  6. I've been catching up on your posts and wow, do you pack a lot into a day, a week and a month. Your Dresdens look great. Cutie new kitties too.