Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sunday..... taking it slow

Kathy reminds us it is ok to take breaks from projects.... however I find that if you don't work on things at all.... they don't get done! Imagine that =)

Such is the progress on the baby quilt I am hand quilting. All the inside blocks are hand quilted but I have all the edge blocks to go. Poor baby is already 2 months old and I am still working on her quilt! I think I'll pull it over to the chair today, thread a needle and make some progress on it as I am trying to take it easy. My goal is 3 blocks a day and it should be done in the next 2 weeks.

I'll also grab the crochet hook and yarn and add the crochet tops to the kitchen towels I am working on for Mom. They will have to get shipped up in a bit... with the buttons attached.... as they did not get worked on last week and the plane rides were for reading instead of hand work. I also watched Father of the Bride part 2 on the way home.

I flew home Friday from a business trip to Vermont where I did lots of visiting after my working hours. I arrived at my house around 10:20 PM Friday night and all 3 cats greeted me and smelled all the luggage. Emily got a hug and kiss in her bed and I got a 'Mommy!' and told her to go back to sleep. Yup - she doesn't remember at all! Aidan got a kiss and he didn't budge at all. Both climbed into my bed  Saturday morning 7ish... with the cats. 

It was a go, go, go day yesterday. Took Emily out first - to the Tack Shack sale to try on and get some riding pants, then to the mall to find a birthday gift for a pool party today. I just dropped her off and will pick her up in a couple of hours. We also grabbed some cat food... they were pretty much out when I fed them in the morning. Home for lunch and a visit with Grandpa A. Then a quick inventory of the fridge and I took Aidan to Lowes to get his plants he wanted to put in the front bed and then Aldi to fill up the crisper and get dairy products. He grabbed a salmon on a cedar plank for dinner... and I got out of cooking! I was not hungry and Dad had a headache so the kids enjoyed their salmon on the grill with baby potatoes and I cooked up an acorn squash recipe they wanted to try. Yup - I was exhausted by the end of the day and sleeping by 10. 

The sore throat I have had since Tuesday or Wednesday is not disappearing during the day like it has been and the voice was a bit off this morning. I am hoping a day of rest will make it go away besides the energy level is about nil. A movie/catch up on the recorded programs from the week it will be! Warming up some Progresso Chicken with pearl pasta is my version of chicken and stars from childhood. Hope the energy level is back to normal tomorrow - as I am back to the normal busy week schedule.


Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

I do agree unless we put in some stitches daily it won't get done. How is the hand towel on the edge of the quilt working out for you? I want to make some kitchen towels that hang around your neck and are long enough that you can just wipe your hands when needed. Well Tom really could use something that stays handy.

Chris said...

For my 45 th birthday, my sister made dinner and put on the first Father of the Bride movie. My husband and I were not laughing and we both left part way through. Our daughter was getting married in a couple of weeks and it was the time to watch it. However, it was funny later and I loved the second one. Sequels are often better the the originals. I gave 5 year old Devan my hand appliqued hearts and she is incorporating them into various crafty things.

Little Penpen said...

Goodness, you've been busy! No wonder your throat is sore. I hope this week treats you well and you can put some stitches into the baby quilt.

Julierose said...

I definitely agree--the last time I touched my Pomegranates was in July!! --so, today I did do a few rows and am feeling better--tho' my stitching was (no surprise) really wonky--practice does make perfect --or close to...hope you feel better soon...hugs, Julierose

Created by Kathi said...

I have a couple UFO's but I am more like you to keep focused on the objects I am focused on til done :) Sounds like life at your house is busy these days! I love your quilting and your crocheted tops too !! Kathi

Kim said...

Not long to go till your baby quilt is with that sweet baby. I love The Father of the Bride movies. I have watched them many times and they always make me laugh.