Sunday, September 8, 2019

I'm feeling accomplished!

The kids were playing with scraps in the sewing room yesterday.

I set up an extra cutting mat on my office desk to cut out some borders for the cat and mice quilt (silly quilt wanted to be bigger so I made it happy!). I cut out some white - sewed the bigger strips together to do the sides and cut some for the top and bottom. Attached the top..... and spent a while looking for the other one! Did not find it.... decided to go with hubby to take the kids to Grandma's for an overnight around 5PM.... they wanted to spend the night with Scruffy's 1st night at her furever home! She adopted Scruffy officially on Saturday morning.

We did a meet and greet last week with her and Grandma so she could see how she was with the kids. A very sweet 1 year old terrier mix! You can see she is so happy with the kids and them with her. Grandma was a wee bit offended when they mentioned they usually don't put puppies with older folks.... and asked who would take her if something happened to her.  She immediately said my son and his family! =) We got approved from the meet and greet visit too I guess!

Today - I had a quick run to the girl scout store to get the proper number of badges - since they finally did their horseback riding yesterday as a troop. We had some bridge up since I had planned to do it.... I have 6 juniors and 5 brownies now. The girls got a great education and got to ride a horse, take care of it before and after and gave each one a bath and then put it out into the pasture. I loved getting compliments from Liz on the girls being respectful of the horses and well behaved. Makes me so proud of them! I also grabbed snack badges which we are doing tomorrow and letter boxing and geocaching as those are the next badges we will be working on. We tend to keep busy!

After a quick lunch it was sewing time! I turned on my machine and guess what I found draped over the edge of the sewing machine? Yup - that missing border for the top! It was white and blended right in! A little cutting and sewing and pressing and soon I had this cute top 61x72. This is the next hand quilting project.

Since I was on a roll, I found the photo I had taken of the blocks Aidan laid out for the 1857 quilt. I managed to get them sewn into a top as well today! This one is 72 inches square. It might need a dark purple border.... but maybe a dark purple binding will be sufficient. Not sure if this will be hand or machine quilted. It was all hand applique.

Time to settle in for a little relaxing knitting or crochet tonight I think. I'll either be finishing a dish cloth or making a scrubby. I have not managed to get to the store to pick up new knitting bamboo needles so I pulled these little ones out. I guess it will be a smaller dish cloth  since I don't think I can get 50 stitches on there... I think I am a little over 30 stitches now.

Linking up with the slow stitchers this Sunday and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge where purple is the color of the month.


Chris said...

A purple border may be a bit much. I think the purple binding would finish it nicely. Congrats on getting, not one, but TWO tops completed.

Kim said...

Both your cat quilt and 1857 quilt are fabulous. Gosh there is a lot of beautiful work in the 1857!

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

OH a 1 inch dark purple border around all the blocks to frame the quilt, then the gold border would be awesome!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Just love those quilts you have in progress! And yes you need to pick up longer needles! I'm with Grandma and would be a little put out that puppies can't come to live old folks. Aw but so happy it worked out for both of them.

LA Paylor said...

grrrr on the puppies comment... anyone can pass over at any stage of life, or live to 105 healthily. It's the same with kids. I got married in my late 30's and was told we couldn't adopt after I was a few years older. Crazy.