Friday, September 13, 2019

Purple parasol anyone?

It has been a busy week and I finally got my little purple umbrella completed just in time for the Saturday link up of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. 

I did manage to sew these blocks together last Sunday. It is now 72x72. This is a subset of blocks from the 1857 sampler album quilt along over at Sentimental Stitches a few years ago. It was all hand applique for me. I am not sure if this will be hand or machine quilted. Thoughts? I like how the darker tan background frames this one... my son, not so much! 

-Monday was working and kid pick up (and quick grocery run to pick up things for scout meeting that night) We did the brownie snack badge - made Pico with chips, energy trail mix and berry smoothies. I finally checked my phone about 9:30 that night (guess it rang while I was supervising chopping) and I got to log into work that night too!

-Tuesday I drop off both kids (I normally drop Em for 7:15/20ish and Greg drops Aidan for 9) and start work an hour later. Tonight was Emily's horses. She nixed my taco Tuesday thoughts and we did quick chicken chili and corn bread in between me having to go get the boy from school and making dinner early. Greg picks Em up Tuesdays so I can get my 5 hours in.

-Wednesday was working again and then kid pick up in the afternoon. Early taco dinner with a stop to get chili powder which someone could not find while making the mix. I had my taco meat over a salad with some chips on the side....before running out to my GS leader meeting. Seems one event is filling up fast.... lots of fb posts on our private GS troop page and I got another 4 indicating they really wanted to go. I had payment from 3 already.......

-Thursday - day off thank goodness! Dropped Em to school then drove 15 minutes to drop off our form and money for 7 girls and 2 adults to the Wizarding Event next month. Phew - got us in and it closed at capacity a few hours later! Then home to do the prize fund lists (which I kept putting off!), a quick shower and off to bowling. Rushed morning means I did not bowl well and the average went down! Oh well, higher handicap right? Stopped in at Sams to fill up with gas (going through lots more with kids in 2 schools!) and picked up a roaster chicken for dinner. Yup - you guessed it we were running again tonight. After picking up Emily - putting away stuff and looking at papers I got to go get the boy (20 minutes away). Got home to see his papers and then eat quick before everyone jumped in the car to head back to Aidan's school for open house! We went through his whole day.... in 10 minute increments with 4 minute walking. It is a big campus for a middle school! I got my steps in as I missed my walk this morning with errands! Hey - I got 10,000 steps (T+W) and within 500 steps of it (M+TH)! That morning walk after dropping Emily to school and before work actually happened this week!

-Friday - back to work today. Did keep the boy home from school - he was off today and a day of rest hopefully will help. I have cooking club tonight - Emily needs to clean a guinea pig cage after reading her book for 30 minutes (She LOVES her language arts teacher this year. She is actually reading by herself every day!) I found out Em's open house was rescheduled..... for when I am gone to VT! Figures. I had to reschedule her IEP as it fell on that week too. Sigh, I have yet to meet her teachers as Dad took her to the meet the teacher before school started and now gets to take them to her open house. The good news.... her speech has improved that we will probably be putting her in 'check' status so she won't get pulled back to back days from science this year. Aidan's IEP check for gifted is Monday. Dad gets to attend both this year and see what I have been doing the last 6-7 years with them!

-Saturday - You would think it would be a day of rest right? Not! Emily is doing community service with her KCL (Kindness, Community, Leadership) club at school. I think they are reading to animals? I'll drop her in the morning for 1.5 hours. The boy has a birthday party to go to with a friend from his school last year from 2-8. Depending on the weather and how Em feels at pick up mid morning - I might drop her to the barn to help Liz out with horse care for a couple of hours..... we will see. Me - I'll be in the sewing room playing with fabric in between running kids here and there!

Hope you are not too tired if you read this far. It was a very long week!


Chris said...

Reading to animals?

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Your week was about as busy as mine! without kids!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Busy week! I love your purple umbrella - glad you had time for a few stitches here and there!

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

I love the darker frame also. I did that on my peony quilt and really love the look

Sandra Walker said...

Good heavens you ARE busy!! Love the purple parasol, well I love them all :-)

Quilter Kathy said...

I am tired from reading this... I'll go have a wee nap! LOL
I LOVE this sampler quilt... love love love!
I think it needs hand quilting because there is so much hand stitching in making the blocks!