Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Some April Fools Day! and EMD weekly update.

Ever feel like you are in the movie Groundhog Day... and every day is the same? Let's hope today does not repeat tomorrow.

It was day 1 of virtual learning. With a little effort we got Emily onto her Zoom conference call (someone might have written the wrong code down!) with her class for 9AM. She got to see her classmates and teacher and they went over their new work, got their assignments and were good to go. Her two teachers have put their assignments for the week up. She spent Tuesday organizing a white board of her tasks for each subject and created a plan to work through them.

Lots of emails and reminds came through from Aidan's teachers last night and this morning. Let's just say his were not as smooth. I think it was mostly user error and lack of patience.... someone does not deal well with change and this is a big change..... but with a little help he got connected to 2 of his teachers or their work assignments. He has 6 teachers so a little more coordination. His robotics teacher has assigned them lessons. Greg and I were chatting last night and figured that would be how he handled robotics. Aidan is familiar with that platform since they used it in his gifted class in elementary school. He just needed to scroll down to see where to enter the initial code..... the little oops smirk was common from him today after I had him try a couple of things.  He has a lot assigned but 2 weeks to do it. I think he also did science or math today. We will see how tomorrow goes. I should have more patience since I won't be juggling work and kids.

Ella Maria Deacon.... I finished off this block on Sunday. I only have 1 outstanding block from previous months left.

So I started month 7 and got one of them completed! I finished the inner circle after work tonight. I did back basting and needle turn applique for this one. 

I took a walk last night and nearly got blown away it was so windy with the cool front moving through. I am looking forward to my walk tonight - temps around 70 instead of feels like 88! Much nicer. I wonder if I will see the wild turkey's again?

I did call Emily's horse academy and got her a riding lesson yesterday. Good thing I did - Florida is going on stay at home (which we have been doing - the only exception is they go to see Grandma and this riding last night - only 2 people in the ring on horses) effective tomorrow night. I was able to prepay some lessons and a little extra toward horse care for Liz. She rode Prism yesterday and after a few weeks out of the saddle she was cantering.

Before riding she needed to brush him down.

A bath after his workout.

I suppose it is after 5PM... and no one is making dinner.... so I guess I have to come up with something! I did sheet pan chicken last night with potato and green beans. I think it will be fish and french fry's today.... Unless I can talk someone into picking up from Mojo's.....


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I get tired of trying to plan supper every evening too. Hubby never does it unless he takes me out - which we aren't doing now - he is going to owe me a lot of dinners out when this is over!! Glad Em got to see her horse

Julierose said...

You do have your hands full with home schooling online...and managing
My son (a Spec Ed teacher) and my DIL (a 3rd Grade teacher) have their two girls (6 & 7) home; they have a daily schedule posted in the kitchen with rest times, recess and Phys Ed son who calls himself the Superintendent (hahaha) called a holiday when the sun came out last week, and they hiked Mt Manadnock or a part of it the SNOW!! They love hiking and camping out..

Your blocks are really lovely.
April's RSC color is light blue (kinda close to teal huh? ;((( ) anyhoo...I took out my blue scrap baggie and pulled the lighter ones...have to think of what to make this month..Dresden of course at least...
Stay safe at home--we've been in 2 1/2 weeks now...
~ ~ ~ waving from CT to FLA Julierose

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Your applique blocks are so pretty! I love using backbasting on blocks like this it sure helps keep everything from getting out of whack!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Beautiful applique blocks. It sounds like it's busy there juggling new stuff while in side too and supper for all every night. Just two of us here and I'm getting tired of the meal planning too. Enjoyed the photos of the Emily enjoying her outing.