Sunday, April 26, 2020


After yesterdays errand day, today will be stay home and relax.... until this evening when I need to go retrieve the children. We let Grandma come get them today for a day at her house with the dogs. Greg (hubby) is still a hurting unit with back pain when he moves so he is sitting and trying not to move too much today.

That leaves me to putter and play!

Blueberry muffins were made this morning. They were so yummy! One of the errands yesterday was a trip to a local family run farm market. I got my fresh corn there on Thursday. They got 50 bushels of tomato's for canning on Friday afternoon. I didn't go over Friday so called Saturday afternoon to see if any were left. 1 left... but someone had called and requested it. Would I like to be called if they don't pick up? I said yes, they were 15 minutes away so just give me time to get there before they closed at 5PM. They are closed Sun-Tues so didn't want them to sit. I got a call at 4:40.... she didn't show up if you want them they are yours! I have a nice box of tomato's that will get water bath canned today.

They also had pickling cukes but I figured I'd wait for next week on that one. I did grab 4 cukes and did a quick pickle on them to go with the fish fry we had for dinner last night. The farmer fields here in Florida are full and with all the restaurants and businesses closed they are having trouble finding places to put it. I know some are donating to food banks but lots are dying in the fields. I will be happy to put these up today and stock the pantry with some nice canned tomato's (and they won't go bad if we get a hurricane and lose power!).

While those are processing I plan to start my OMG for April! Yesterday the boy helped me to arrange the 12 blocks to a pleasing layout. I started cutting the huge squares for the setting and corner triangles. Just have to cut the sashing and start sewing it all together. It will be 72x72.

Tonight will be settle in and relax with some slow stitching. But what will be chosen?

Some rows have been added to the crochet blanket this week.

I finally pinned the umbrella quilt and it is ready to land in the hoop for hand quilting with the newly purchased blue quilting thread that arrived in the mail last week.

The cat and mouse on the frame has been sadly neglected. Will this be lucky enough to get some stitches?

Prepping and stitching the next Book Club Block could also happen.

So many choices... I think I may have to toss the options into a hat and pull one out to see tonight.

Linking up with Kathy and the other Slow Stitchers. Try to squeeze in some slow stitching each day for some sanity in these trying times. Even if it is one row of crochet or one strand of thread. It will soothe your soul.


Karrin Hurd said...

Great hand projects, love the color on your crochet! Have a great week!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Those tomatoes look delicious! There's a benefit of living in Florida! It's nice to have choices of what to work on, too. I need to cut out my Jo pieces, too - hopefully this afternoon!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that is wonderful to get the box of tomatoes and maybe cucumbers for picking soon. I wouldn't mind being able to get that. If you don't mind would you let me know what the right price is for a box of tomatoes and cucumbers so I don't get over priced - I have no idea what is normally charged for that - of course you are getting straight from the farmer's market. The people that do this on the roadsides around here won't be starting for awhile and I have never bought a box of tomatoes like that


Isn't fun to have choice's of what to work on next??
I got all my month's projects and challenges finished up yesterday and then thought--oh no what do I work on now til the 1st of May when the new color and the next set of patterns come out--and then I laughed and laughed--cause there is always a 'waiting for their turn' pile of projects in different phases to be worked on or finished!!!!
and today online I found some backing for one of my projects next month that I will be putting on the OMG list--so I had to order that (and yes--more went into the basket--one new project and a couple basics I needed!!)
ok--back to work on canning those pretty tomato's and picking out what to work on!!
and did you see that Thursday April 30th we are doing a post on your hairdressers in your life and any funny, sad,crazy experiences you with hair that you might have had!!!
stay safe, luv, di

Julierose said...

I like that block setting with those big corners--you have some great projects in process...and I just love those tiny umbrellas...perhaps they would be good for me to make in this rainy area!!

I think it is time to put away my 42 Courthouse blocks and make some more scraps to use on them...the variation on choices is getting pretty low now.
I will have to choose another project to always takes me a long time to settle into one...I will begin by blog reading, then youtubing (2nd best to going to the beach to tube hahaha) and then my library of quilting books. I did send for a new book by Pat Sloan..her Seasons one...maybe something will catch my eye...and a new book from The Jolly Jabber --their Jolly Bar bk 2...(Fat Quarter Shop). Keep safe...
~ ~ ~ waving from my recliner gazing at the rain Julierose

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Oh my your mini umbrellas are going to make such an awesome quilt! Looking forward to how you will hand quilt it.

a good yarn said...

How good do those tomatoes look - Yummo! Lots of good stitching and crafting happening at your place. Those umbrellas are too cute.

Sarah said...

Those tomatoes look delicious, I can just imagine munching on those with fresh bread and cheese, yum! Your crochet is a pretty pattern and lovely colour too.