Sunday, June 7, 2020

Rain, rain go away.....

I can't remember the last time we saw the sun! It has been cloudy all week and rainy the last couple of days. The other side of town got 8 inches of rain yesterday! We luckily have had constant rain instead of deluges so the moat on the lawn has not filled up and the sand has been able to absorb it. (Yes, I figure if it is a moat then I live in a castle!)

It makes me think I need to work on some hand quilting outlining the rain umbrella's today. I started free hand 'rain' and 'raindrops' on the quilt but.... I am straight line challenged so that little bit will get pulled out and the herra marker will be put to use to assist with the rain lines after I get all the umbrella's outlined.

Progress is being made on the Book Club hand pieced quilt along. I have one row and one sashing together. The second set should be assembled and attached today as well. I was able to mark the rest of the sashings for hand piecing yesterday so they are all prepped and next to my chair for little bits of time here and there.

The kids are BOTH going to Grandma's for a rainy day today.

I might try and get the first set of sheep knitted on Aidan's pillow. That has not come out to play in a while. I think I'll try and get it moving along this month as he has been waiting a while for it. This is the last photo I have of it.

Of course the girl wants her crochet blanket too.... that occasionally will get pulled out and I add a row or two while waiting on things to bake or when I have a few minutes of down time. This is an old photo, it is probably 17 inches longer now as that skein is done and another is almost done as well. I think I was getting about 11 inches a skein with this blanket stitch.

Linking up with the other slow stitchers at Kathy's Quilts. 


Julierose said...

I just love the bumbershoots (;}}}) so adorable--I use a hera marker too..with a little 6" long ruler in my quilting basket to make short lengths..
On basket, though I am eyeballing it won't be perfect but it will show my "hand" that way...I, personally, like that idea --

I see you are doing cornerstones on your Book Club blocks..
i love how they come together..

enjoy your stitching day
Hugs from afar, Julierose

Karrin Hurd said...

Beautiful quilt projects and knitting! We could use that rain. We were 103 degrees three days this week, then down to 80 yesterday and high expected today of 73, but we are going back up tomorrow! Crazy weather!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Looks like your umbrella project is perfectly timed! They are so cute! Congratulations on making progress on your purple quilt, too. So pretty. Enjoy your day, and hope the rain does go away for a bit!

The Joyful Quilter said...

I'm SEW glad that YOU are taking a turn with the rain for a while because we definitely had our fair share a few weeks ago!! On the upside, rainy days are good for sewing and such. :o))


Oh yes I have been wondering where the sun is here on the East coast too--though it was ok last week not having the sun and just rain as it kept me inside and working on my 'new' apartment look!!!
still really love your umbrella quilt--happy hand quilting!
luv, di

a good yarn said...

Happy to take some of that rain off your hands. Eight inches is a lot. Your umbrellas are just the project for a rainy day.

Sherrie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my place...and giving me the info for the colors for the RSC challenge. Love your Umbrella's, so pretty. Your Book Club quilt is looking good...have a great day!