Thursday, June 4, 2020

Thursday.... a day off work

It has been a while since I have had a Thursday off work! It felt really good to sleep in on a week day.

Emily wanted muffins, so I made double chocolate muffins for breakfast. I didn't have oil.... and no applesauce so I mashed up a banana. It worked!
Then - hair cut time! I think my last cut was the end of January.... I felt so much better and there was a lot of hair on the floor when she was done! I hit it before the rush and was the only customer when I arrived! Next up was stopping by the bank drive through and depositing Emily's birthday checks.... from April! Off to fill up the car with gas.... the prices sure have gone up from the $1.55 I last filled up for. It was $1.82 a gallon today. Then it was to Aldi.. and pick up some canola oil for the pantry and a bunch of veggies, strawberries and milks for the kids (lactaid for Em and regular for Aidan - I use the lactaid milk when I cook so Emily can eat everything without belly aches). They had a full case of meats! Usually they are completely out ... so I got a little package of chicken breasts and a skirt steak.... the steak will be fajitas on Sunday for me! The chicken Aidan cooked one up for his lunch and shared with Emily. The other 2 got made into Chicken Enchilada soup. So yummy and I forgot they don't have enchilada sauce there so I made my own.
Then it was time to cut the sashing strips for the Book Club setting. I had checked and the person I was going to drop the extra guinea pig things off to was home so the kids and I headed over there. (The second guinea pig Jimmy Jr. passed away last Tuesday - I had just got a chewy order so there was a couple bags of bedding, timothy hay, pellets and chew sticks - I figured with all the goats, chickens, pigs, turkeys and the cow they had they could use it.) We got to hold the 3 baby goats that were born on Sunday morning too! Another stop at the ATM to deposit the troop check I had left on the shelf this morning... and then I got sewing time! I needed to finish a couple more of my stars and nines blocks in dark green so I cut and sewed all the blocks for that. I just need to press and then sew the sets of 4 blocks together. 3 sets of dark green done!

The last nine patch is still under the presser foot.

The children insisted they needed dinner. I went the easy route - I put some berber chickens in the oven (kiev and a asparagus and cheese one for Aidan) and peeled and cut up some sweet potato to bake for sweet potato fries with honey mustard dipping sauce. After cleaning up it was time to settle in with some slow stitching and I have one row of 3 blocks sewn together and one row of sashing and cornerstones. I think I'll wait to sew those 2 together tomorrow along with marking more of the sashings for hand piecing. It is all pinned and ready to go. Notice the toes - Emily gave me a pedi over the weekend. Her toes are a sparkly lavender.

Sophie was lovey dovey tonight and leaning against me on the end of the recliner. She normally is down there but not touching me.

There you go... my exciting day off. Lots of cooking and a little sewing. I seem to have gotten out of the scrabble rematch game Aidan wanted to play tonight.  I guess I did really good last night and actually won the game! That never happens... but I got the Z and put it on a triple word score... and used it twice! Zoo and Zig :) I seem to have gotten most of the high end tiles and used them all but the Q. Oh, must remember to grab the mask from the car and throw it through the wash tomorrow. It got a workout today.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I don't think you could consider this a day off - lol - it sounds like you were busy the whole day!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

A day off is a full day for you! I got my first haircut since February this week, too - that sure felt good. Your purple blocks are looking great together, and glad you were able to get started on the sashing, too. My top is together, but still needs more pressing before I'll be ready to share it!

Angela said...

Sleeping in sounds like it super charged you for a full day! I need a haircut too, but I'm rationing my out time right now. Love the new blocks, they got great with your toes!