Sunday, June 14, 2020

Sunday Slow Stitching....

I have been adding some stitches around the umbrella's this week. It is amazing that progress happens when you actually pick it up and work on it! 

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disclaimer- the rest of this post is about COVID in my state of Florida....

Florida moved to phase 2 a couple of weeks ago and the governor is insisting traditional schools will be open full capacity in August when schools are slated to begin around August 10th. I do not see how this could possibly work at all! There are 1800 kids in the middle school my kids will attend. Changing classes and buildings with 4 minutes between classes...there is no way that will work unless everyone has to wear masks on campus. It will be interesting to see what plan is created by the districts and each school. I know not all kids have access to the internet and that makes virtual learning impossible in this day and age. I just hope those tasked with this are able to think outside the box for a solution. We do have the option of virtual school in Florida... however both my kids are in a Cambridge program (advanced learning classes) and I want them to be challenged.

 It is a couple of weeks after our memorial day weekend and our numbers of new cases in Florida are expected once people are starting to go out more. We have a dashboard for Florida that shows the numbers by state and by county. There was an issue back in May...the main person who oversaw the dashboard disagreed with her supervisors on how the data was presented. She was fired for insubordination.... and has started her own dashboard here. I find this dashboard to be a better presentation of the data. I like that it includes ICU beds available, and beds by hospital by county. It does make me wonder what the government is presenting in the US and that is never a good thing. It is a fine line between keeping the economy going and keeping people safe. I am glad I am not the one making those decisions! I so wish there was a united front having people wear masks in enclosed areas for safety using science rather than making this a political issue. There are still a large number of people not wearing masks in grocery stores. No one wears a mask when we are at horses...Emily and I social distance. I have my mask with me but sit away from everyone and we are outside in the open air. When we visited the ruins - we were the only people there and at the zoo - it was outside and few people so we were able to socially distance. It felt like we had the zoo to ourselves almost all the time! Again, we had our masks with us just in case.  There are no easy answers, but I am alarmed at the number of people that still believe this is just a 'flu' or a hoax and that it is blown out of proportion.  Ok, off my rant now. 

Have a wonderful Sunday and be safe.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

our numbers keep rising here in Arkansas too and people are not taking it seriously or think for some reason that no one in their family will get sick. I found out yesterday that virtually no one in my family in NW Arkansas are taking precautions except when they go to work and are told they have to wear a mask - they are not wearing them in the stores or anywhere unless told. Why they think they don't have to is beyond me and they do not seem to understand why I think they need to - so I'm not visiting them for the duration. I am really wondering how the school situation will be handled here to make is safe for students and teachers alike. said...

Your comment about how things get done when we work on them resonates with me so much!! I am always amazed at how much I can get done with just a little stitching time done regularly! LOVE your umbrellas.

We are also in phase 2 and I'm just waiting for our numbers to rise.

Quilter Kathy said...

LOL is it amazing how progress happens when you actually put stitches in! Enjoy your umbrellas!
Denial is a wonderful thing for some people, and unless you work in a hospital or morgue, it is easy to block out the news and pretend this global crisis is not real.
Our numbers are finally going down here now, and there has been buy-in to the benefit of masks with some communities making it mandatory. I'm waiting to see how that will be enforced.
Our schools have been closed since mid March so everyone has been learning online. Not sure if they will reopen in September or not. My teacher friends say they are preparing to teach online again in the fall.
Stay well! Sounds like you are doing everything you can do.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Glad you're getting a little stitching in on your umbrellas - they are so cute! It is very frustrating that wearing a mask became a political thing rather than something to do for your health. Most people are still wearing them here in our county in N. Colorado - but there are some who aren't. I worry about my elderly mom in Arizona where cases are rising, too. Hope your school situation gets figured out to a scenario you're comfortable with!

Karrin Hurd said...

Cute umbrellas! I watch the numbers everyday too in my county. We were down to 1 person in the hospital the end of May, then it immediately spiked in June to 11 people in the hospital and 4 in the ICU. I think this is over 4 hospitals. I wear my mask everywhere, but there are lots, and lots of people that don't.

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

I love the outlining of the umbrellas! Texas and Florida are in the boat. I think it's just too easy for people to forget and go on with their daily lives not realizing that they may be passing the virus to someone vunerable! I do feel we need to try and continue but maybe some mask requirements need to be put into place. Although, I know many will not like that! UGH

a good yarn said...

Here in our state, whilst there have been confirmed cases of Covid among children, there hasn’t been any confirmed transfer from child to child or child to adult. Lots of transfer from adult to adult. Schools are now considered safe for students and they have returned to full time face-to-face teaching. Lots of extra cleaning in schools, sanitiser in classrooms and hand washing. It’s important for teachers to observe physical distancing and parents are restricted from the school grounds. Most of our cases were from people returning from overseas with two big blocks from a cruise ship and the other outbreak and a residential care home for the elderly. We are moving rapidly towards a return to normal practice and activities with the health officials prepared to isolate and manage breakouts. Hopefully, their gamble pays off. Our economy has tanked and unemployment is high. Masks are only recommended if you are unwell (should be in isolation anyway) or have a health condition that makes you vulnerable. We have no one left in ICU on ventilation. Some other states still do. Hopefully it’s close to running it’s course.

CathieJ said...

Every time I see that umbrella quilt I am transported to my childhood and snuggling under a similar one. I live on Long Island, NY, one of the hot spots for the virus. We just entered our limited Phase 2 last Monday. My son is visiting from PA and he is impressed with how many people here are actively wearing masks (it's the law) and social distancing. I think because almost everyone here knows someone who was ill or who died, they are much more diligent. The three of us visited the beach/boardwalk last night and it was pretty empty. I too worry about the schools. I work as a high school teacher and a university professor. I have already told my university that I am only comfortable with continued online teaching. Since my position in the high school is more like a personal tutor to whatever student comes to my tiny classroom, I have no idea how that is going to work either. I am the sole help to my elderly mother now, so I am seriously considering leaving that position. I hope whatever plan is decided on you are assured that your middle school children will be safe. This whole thing is very scary.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I think it is safer to wear masks even if it just makes you feel more comfortable while out and about. That's what we are doing anyway. It is very hard to make these decisions as it seems to be health and well being pitted against the economy tanking and the negative impact of that. We are still isolating here in Ontario with a few new things opening up slowly. It's a gamble.
Meanwhile, thankful for our wonderful hobbies and I too love those cheery umbrellas.

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

The Umbrella quilt is so cute and your stitches look great! Hope you can get the kids back in school. They need the socialization and hands on learning. Here is my take on the illustrious virus saga.

America found itself in a very bad position when this Virus hit. Stores had become complacent with cleaning! Restaurants the same (glad we do not eat out much). Americans in general became lax also. Yes if the Government has their hands in something it will get messed up - believe me. I believe that 3 weeks would have been fine to get the Hospitals caught up on their non-pre-planning for something like this to hit. But then again, who am I! LOL.

Clay could have died waiting for his new heart valve by the shut down. We were blessed though and he did what the doctor told him to do NOTHING! He is fine now - new valve as of 2 June but there are a lot of people who were forced to put of much needed procedures - we could not believe that a Heart Cath was considered NON-ESSENTIAL.

Texas is also seeing an uptick. Mostly in the jails. The emphasis should have been put on the Nursing homes. They are the worst in keeping a healthy environment for the elderly. I saw that for the 10 years my parents were in them in the late 1980's and 1990's. I really had to keep on them.

Clay and I wear self quarantine every winter (Jan and Feb esp) to stay away from the germs of the flu. I always (year round) wipe down the carts in a grocery store before I touch them). I will always wear a mask (before they became so popular).

I have never had to wipe down all packages, food, etc but during this Virus I did and still do. With all we went through since NY Eve we have not gotten sick.

Out of all this mess (which I agree just had to become political) I believe that businesses will be cleaner and the public will be more conscious of how important it is to wash one's hands, keep them away from their face, and when going to a doctor's office, wear a mask and when arriving back at home ditch the cloths, take a bath and got on with life.

Myself, I am looking forward to 2021, I have had enough of 2020! LOL

Take care everyone - remember we have a responsibility to take precautions. I am done with the Virus!