Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Monday update

 The kids had a good day at school and were ever so happy to be back to in person schooling. I even got a 'I'm glad you forced me to go back' from Aidan which is high praise. A little snafu in the morning had him going to 3 different places for his 'Panther Primetime = homeroom'. The first 2 were in error (there were a lot of kids going back and some confusion) but.... he got to see two of his old teachers from last year and this first quarter! They were happy to see him in person (his gifted teacher is his history teacher for all 3 middle school years and his robotics teacher - same person as last year and first quarter). Despite the mishap I think that actually started his day off good seeing some old faces. One of the boys from his classes last year asked him if he remembered him! Aidan said of course Tyler, I remember you. It has been since the second week of March when they last saw each other.

Emily remembered some names and faces from virtual in her classes and in Ag - one of the girls approached her and said she has seen her at horses and does she remember her! Today is their 'B' day for the other 3 classes so we will see how it goes. No picture allowed so I did snap this one as they were walking to the car yesterday morning. 

As for me.... I think I am finally done with the crown! I had my dentist appointment yesterday afternoon. Other than them not being able to just pull the temporary crown out (it was the old permanent one that cracked as they were putting it in last time!), the new one went in and all is good again. I was out of there in plenty of time to stop and get a reward iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts on the way to pick up the kids.

One of Aidan's roses is in bloom. I snapped this last night while supervising 9 chickens released from their run to roam in the yard and eat grass and bugs.

In my wait time... I got a couple of the hexagon QAYG stitched down! It is just like stitching binding, which I actually like doing! Win, Win.



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I hope all works out well with the kids and school I imagine all kids love seeing their friends again and out of the house. Glad the tooth adventure is over! I wonder when I will be able to make an appointment just for a cleaning - no dentist unless an emergency with the medications I take

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I bet having the kids go back to school was a big change for you, too! That's been a long haul for everyone. Glad they both had a good day! I'm ready to get started on some hexagons, too - just have to get the paper backing pulled off the templates. It doesn't want to peel off very easily!


Glad the kiddo's liked the first day of school and glad to hear that the 'crown' work is finished--good for you!!!
And I started on my hexies today---well--sort--I cut a nice slice of batting off a piece of batting for the dress quilt and set it right on the cutting table with the thought in mine--to cut hexies and join you--now to decide on backing and the fronts!!!!!!
luv, di

Julierose said...

Oh good, sounds like the back to in person schooling is going to go well!!
Pretty rose...we are getting really barren trees now--a lot of leaves came down...and it's getting pretty chilly...
I like your hexagon...really nice...have to search out some fussy cut fabric for mine...hugs, Julierose