Thursday, April 15, 2021

Thursday Catch Up

 It has been a busy morning so far. Kids were dropped to school. Then I stopped on the way home and picked some blueberries at Ashbier Farms. I tried the Farthing this year - they were the first 6 rows and I am trying to be good to my ankle which is not hurting so far today! They taste just like the ones I remember picking on the point up in Vermont when I was growing up. Sweet but not too sweet. I think I will try and make blueberry jam today with some of them. I picked 3.5 pounds at $4 a pound. 

I'll be heading back with the kids at some point... and maybe next Thursday morning as well. I freeze them on cookie sheets and then pop them into quart freezer bags. I might try a blueberry pie this year too with the next batch.

Then I tilled the garden between the rows. It needed it. The garden is producing pretty well this year - I guess the added chicken fertilizer is helping with the very sandy soil we have. We enjoyed some swiss chard and fresh peas with dinner of Risotto last night. I had to make a double batch (2 cups of arborio rice to start) and there was ONE spoonful left. One! I guess my family really likes it. I was planning pork chops with it but 2 of them said they were happy with just the rice so that was dinner! Tonight - will be chops on the grill and leftover grilled veggies I think. I do have to pop to Aldi today to get milk and creamer and 'snacks'. Snack are their fruit and grain bar and granola bars. Seems I have been out all week and it is causing issues with packing lunches! Asparagus is on sale so that might get added to the mix for dinner. My green beans should be ready for their first pick tomorrow - they are purple =). The beets are looking great and I picked the last of the radishes so I'll plant another row of them. Looks like the tarragon, basil, cilantro and a little parsley is coming up. Nothing from the dill. The spinach got picked and is being part of my mushroom and spinach omelette in the mornings. Emily's rows of carrots are looking good as well. She grows them for horse treats!

I did a little sewing last night and got the 16 patches sewn into a top. This will be 32x40 - perfect size for one of the hands2help charities. 

I also sewed the churn dashes into rows of 7. I just picked them up and sewed so who know's how it will look ... I had laid them out last night but it looks like the cats were unhappy with the look and decided to move things around a bit in the night.

I'd better get my shower done so I can go shopping and then I get sewing time! I hope to pin and simple quilt the 2 colorful charity ones today. Hope was the key word in that sentence!


Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, your risotto sounds wonderful! I love it but DH doesn't are for it at all. Fresh peas? To die for.

Julierose said...

That Risotto sounds lovely! Hugs has to watch rice so we don't have it too often...I am the veggie lover in our family; but I have gotten him hooked on fresh salads ;))) I offered a topping of my homemade croutons and that did it!!
[Where there's a will...hahaha]
I made House block # 2 today and it did go better...this time I used my accuquilt cutter for some of the pieces...(duh, why not?)
Hope your quilting goes well hugs, Julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love your churn dash blocks. I wish I could get my hubby hooked on salads - I think I always have a bag of blueberries in the freezer

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Fresh blueberries - yummy! I didn't know they grew in Florida. We did pick some in Vermont years ago, and they were so good! The stars and 9 patches top looks good, and hope you rescued the churn dashes from the cat!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Blueberries AND progress on two UFOs?! Way to go, Deb!!

Debbie said...

I have to say I am jealous of your blueberries. What a wonderful price! I have never picked them myself and we are so not in season here where it is barely spring. Love, love your blocks of all colors.