Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tiny Tuesday....

This is #24 - Hourglass. I admit... I looked ahead and have always been intimidated with the birds in the air part. That is why I did my red challenge of the birds in the air block last week. I figured working with the bigger ones would make doing this block nice and easy... and it was! The kids were fussing about getting dressed this morning so I took the time and picked out fabrics. Then.... they wanted Daddy to help them.... strange since they usually get completely dressed by themselves. Gave me a few minutes in the sewing room and I was able to get this little block completed. I still have those two applique blocks to do .... but think they'll get worked on a bit this week after I finish up with yesterdays project... the little square quilt got pieced and is in process for hand quilting.... more on that little project tomorrow!
Go on over to Darling Jill's blog and see what others have done on this Tiny Tuesday!
Happy stitching.


  1. Great block! That was an easy one!

  2. Great job on the block! I am going to start mine soon.

  3. Super cute and perfect points. Don't let the applique intimidate you, freezer paper saves the day.