Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tiny Tuesday

#21 - Snowball flower was actually pretty easy to do. I have to thank Angela for putting links to her completed midget blocks on her sidebar... I've checked hers out before I make mine now since she gives some helpful tips on making the blocks.

I have found that using the big iron is a little cumbersome so I might just have to get one of those little ones sometime this week..... before the next applique block. Grandma is taking the kids tomorrow so I really hope I can get the crumb quilt quilted tomorrow. That means I need to find fabric and make a backing today and then cut some batting off the roll. That should have me all prepped so I am all set to go after I get home tomorrow.
The boy was pointing out the letters on Em's quilt yesterday when I had it on the floor.... and then asked 'When will you make mine Mommy?'.... so I pulled out some star and 9 patch blocks and let him start playing with a layout. Kept him entertained for about 25 minutes.. not bad for an almost 4 year old! I see some quilting in his future!
Have a great quilting day!


Vicki H. said...

Pretty block! I didn't like having a small iron and then it fell apart so I am back to the big iron. I think finding an iron is like finding someone to do your hair... a constant issue in my life!!

Ellen said...

Very cute little block! I am looking forward to working on mine.

scraphappy said...

Lovely little block. I'm so glad the margin links are handy. I like looking back as well.