Sunday, January 22, 2012

One placemat done....

I was able to get two of them quilted in the ditch and binding made and put on before they woke up from naps..... I also got one binding completed last night before the snuggling of runny nose kids got in the way of Mommy doing hand work. Yup, the little one has a head cold. A 2 year old with a head cold means lots of 'no, use a Kleenex to wipe your nose not (fill in the blank here with - your shirt, arm, mommy's shirt, the pillow, the quilt, the sofa, your brother, etc.)'. I also forgot to put the humidifier into her room before bedtime and then forgot to put the vics onto her chest until around 11. As you can imagine..... it was a sleepless night until around 2 when everyone finally settled down. We did put off her 'reward' dinner on Saturday night since she did not wake up well from her nap. We will try and do her rib dinner tomorrow night with Papa for her becoming a big girl and being potty trained! She did go out to lunch today with Grandma, Daddy and her brother today to celebrate (Mommy was not hungry and decided to run errands without the kids in tow). She ate well so hopefully we can go out tomorrow night for her special dinner.


  1. Your sweetheart placemat is so sweet. Hope everyone in your home is well soon.

  2. Not so much fun when the kiddies are sick...hopefully she doesn't pass it around! Your placemat is darn cute.