Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rainbow Scrap Red!

I am joining in the Rainbow scrap challenge again this year and the color for January is RED! I was thinking blue like last year but Angela is mixing things up a bit. Makes sense.... Red in January so we can get all the Valentine Decorations made this month!

I have a plan this year... I really liked how our hostess had scrappy blocks each month and had some really pretty quilt tops at the end of the year. I am going to try and do that too this year and have 3 patterns picked out to work on... one for each weekend with the 4th one left over for whatever inspiration I find out on the web.

This week.... I made some scrappy red pinwheels. Well... one was red and one was maroons.

This is a pattern from Kim Brackett's book and turned into this quilt earlier this year. I have a couple of the blocks left over that I didn't put into that quilt - one is browns, one is blue and one is oranges. I think I'll add one or two in the colors each month and should have a nice rainbow quilt at the end of the year.

Another project I'd like to get done this month is a high school graduation quilt due in June for my niece Mindy. She loves bright colors and chose red, pink, orange and yellow. I found some hand dyed fabrics at VQF in June and finally found the 4 yards of black dot fabric I knew I had (last box I opened of course!) that I will put with them to make a star struck quilt from I spent Thursday cutting out all the fabrics - 120 black bricks and squares and 120 bricks and squares in the colors. I might need to add more later to make it a bit bigger....I'd like it close to a twin size so she can take it to her dorm next fall. This is what I have done so far on her quilt...

I'd love to get the top done this month so I can get it quilted next month and send it up north with my parents the end of March. We'll see how that works out with the store opening in about 3-4 weeks.

Go on over to Angela's blog and see what others are working on for their scrappy January.


  1. Love those blocks! I can't wait to work on one of Kim's patterns myself. :)

    And the colors in the graduation quilt are lovely!! :)

  2. Great pattern for a rainbow quilt. I love that you already have some blocks ready to go. Looks like you will use up lots of scraps this year!

  3. I like these pinwheel blocks! i want to pick a block to do the same thing, but haven't figured out which one yet!

  4. I like your idea of the pinwheel blocks. It's going to be fun watching the progress throughout the year

  5. The pinwheel blocks look great. I like your idea of one set of blocks for each week...maybe that is what I need to do too. Looking forward to watching your progress on your niece's quilt.

  6. Your red blocks are neat! I love that pattern! You'll end up with a beautiful rainbow quilt!