Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pinwheel progress....

Well, I fear my free day of kids is not going to happen. Emily is now down for the count with the dreaded cold and fever. She usually tolerates a fever much better than her brother... it was probably 2 degrees high yesterday and she was just playing good with her brother. It was a long night last night though. Hopefully they can rest today and feel better tomorrow. Grandma is coming over for a bit so I can get out and do some much needed shopping.
As for me.... since they were playing good yesterday I did get a chance to sew the rest of the pinwheels together and worked on the borders. I think I am going to add a little 1.5 inch strip of purple to frame the pinwheels before adding the pieced borders to the sides. I'll check the size at that point but it should be at least 60x80 and big enough. I'm thinking a colorful binding on this one. It really needs a good pressing. I left it laying out on the floor last night and the cats got to it. I have no clue what they did but somehow it was all into a ball this morning. Silly cats....

Did anyone else see the $99 batting at Joann's next Wednesday (regular price $274.99) as one of the doorbusters? It is 25 yard roll of Pellon Natural cotton batting. I got a roll of warm and natural batting about 5 years ago and it is almost at the end. I hope it is similar as it is time for a new roll... now if I can just get to Joann's and pick it up or con the hubby into picking it up while he is at work on Wednesday. It is so convenient that there is a Joann's Fabrics just 2 doors down from our store =)

I was so hoping to get these pinwheel quilts all done and quilted before Bonnie Hunters Mystery started next Friday. I am going to actually jump in this year and give it a try. I've picked out from my stash and am thinking various shades of green, blue, purple, brown and then creams. The purple might get changed out but I'm not sure to what - maybe maroon. Thoughts?

Head on over to SoScrappy's blog and see what others are doing for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this week.


  1. Your rainbow quilt is looking GREAT!
    I've thought about Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt along. I may jump in after it gets started. I hope to see Bonnie do a trunk show in a few weeks. Maybe she will say something about it then.
    Hope your little kiddos get better soon.

  2. This is looking wonderful! I love the border too! I did Bonnie Hunter's mystery last year and it was fun. This year we'll be traveling a lot at the beginning so I'll see if I can catch up. Hope Emily is better soon! ~Jeanne

  3. Great work on the pinwheel border. Hope the kids are all feeling better soon. I didn't see the batting special at Joann's, but I just got a flier in the mail today -- I'll have to go and check it out. I'm still on the fence about the mystery this year, but they are so much fun to do and I have never been disappointed with the finished quilt.

  4. The purple looks just right as borders - will be a lovely quilt. I am going to do Bonnies mystery again -changing the colours to navy, aqua, orange with grey as my constant and white as background. May do half the blocks to start with as last year once my blocks started going together I hated it and shoved it all in boxes where the pieces have sat ever since xx

  5. Love seeing all your pinwheels together - so pretty. The little purple border sounds nice.

  6. Pinwheel quilt looking great and I really like your border. My pets always love to play with whatever I've laid out.

  7. Great pinwheels, you are on a mission to get it done. Great price on batting. Get it. Hope the kids are doing better today.

  8. Great Great Great quilt!!!! LOVE it!


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