Friday, November 23, 2012

RSC progress

Instead of working on my Birds in the Air blocks I decided I really needed to work on getting those pinwheel quilts into a top. So, instead of playing with fabrics and starting the mystery on Friday I spent some time in the sewing room making these into tops.

The first pinwheel is the really scrappy one with the pieced border. I had to get a wee bit creative on the final border to get them to fit. I still need to sew the top and bottom border on.

The second pinwheel has the sashing and cornerstones attached. The sashing is from the leftover backing fabric from the red irish chain quilt. It was the stonehenge line cream fabric. I am thinking a small yellow/cream inner border and then if I can find enough of the cornerstone fabric (in the stash or at Joann's tomorrow) I will finish it off with that.

I have not been out shopping - I never do go near a store on Black Friday - but really do need some backing and I'm too lazy to piece two of them for these quilts. I'll just buy some and hopefully spend some time on Sunday evening pinning these two for quilting sometime next week.

I need to get a baby quilt started and completed sometime in the next little bit too. I have the fabrics - she wanted bubble gum pink and lime green and loves monkeys. I found a green monkey print for the back. Limey butterfly's and pink dots and I am throwing in some cream with pink flowers. I was thinking double irish chain but may just do some nine patches and spools....... This will be for one of Aidan's teachers who is expecting a little girl in January. I was thinking to give it to her on the 14th on their last day of school in December but it may wait until January and give me a little bit more time. She is due later in the month so I should be ok.

I've already been thinking of the challenge for next year and have some notes in my projects tab. I have really enjoyed doing hand work this year with my midget blocks and quilting my little quilt squares that I decided to do some applique next year for the challenge. I am planning to do the Orange Peel block - but I am cheating and doing it the easy way. Just applique the peel onto a colored fabric square. Anyone want to join me? I am still deciding if I want the colors to be the background or the peels.... thoughts?

Head on over to SoScrappy on Saturday and see what other Rainbow Scrap Goodness is going on.


  1. Wowzer, your tops look amazing. Love the balance of color and your blocks. Pieced border is wonderful. You sure have been busy.
    What challenge... Orange Peel? Is this for RSC13??

  2. LOVE your rainbow, pinwheel quilts!!! It's fun to see all those blocks you have been making all year come together so nicely : )
    I should have worked on my Easy Street quilt today, but I was anxious to sew some of my rainbow blocks together into a quilt top, too.

  3. Love your two quilt tops. They are similar enough without being identical to one another. I've only ever seen the orange peels done with colored peels on a light background, it would be fun to see how it looks the other way. Still time to decide though.

  4. Both tops are gorgeous. Love the scrappy border on the first one. I'm not one for applique, so I'll just have to watch your scrappy project for next year evolve.

  5. Very pretty! You chose a great block for the RSC. I love the border you have made for the first quilt.

  6. You are making great progress on your RSC projects!
    Love the idea of a hand work project for next year!
    Why couldn't the orange peel be completely scrappy... light coloured backgrounds and dark/contrasting peels? Sounds like SOOOO much fun!

  7. The pinwheel quilts are adorable! I know the recipients will love them! Can't wait to see the baby quilt...

  8. Wow, these are so gorgeous. I especially like your 'creative' border, the little pinwheels are so cute. You are a dynamo, so many accomplishments and so many plans. The baby quilt sounds like it will be so cute. I'm interested in your orange peels, although I'll have to look up to see what they look like. You have intrigued me.

  9. Great Top! So nice to see it done. I am thinking I may do some kind of pinwheels for next year.