Friday, November 30, 2012

Sufferage block - Everybody's Favorite

Just under the wire again this week with my block. This one is called Everybody's Favorite and went together very easily.

 Emily wanted to have her picture taken too so this is a shot of all my blocks so far.

It seems that a bunch of us skipped the Kansas Sunflower block with this BOW challenge. I'm issuing a challenge to get that block done by Christmas. Anyone else up for the challenge?


Ellen said...

Looking good and Emily is a lovely model. I haven't been making the blocks although I really do want to. I have been following along in hopes that maybe I will be able to join in at some point.

Quilter Kathy said...

Looks great and what a lovely model you have!
I am totally up for the sunflower challenge...let's do it!

Angie said...

Your colors look lovely together...and Emily is adorable! You've got a jump on me - still have to piece the britches AND the suffrage block. Looks like DH is down with the flu for the weekend, so maybe I'll get caught up. And I'm definitely up for the Sunflower challenge. I have my fabrics picked out, now I need to decide my technique. Some of those sunflower pieces are really tiny!

Amanda Best said...

I have been making three of the Grandmother's Choice quilts at the same time and my favorite block, (looks wise) is the Kansas Sunflower. I made one by machine and it was a bit wonky, so I made the other 2 by hand and they came out much better. Hope you are able to get to yours! Your blocks are lovely. Great job!
I am making the Easy Street mystery as well, but I am not caught up on that one. I am using nearly the same shade of yellow for my flying geese!