Friday, November 2, 2012

A Friday top finish

This single irish chain quilt is so quick to put together compared to my midget blocks! This is the second quilt that I have made like this. I made a brown/blue one a few weeks ago

and made a red/tan one this week.

These two will go to two boys in a family up in Vermont. My rainbow scrap challenge pinwheels will be made into two quilts for their sisters.

I cut my strips at 3.5 inches and pieced the nine patches using strip piecing. I made 32 of these and then the quick blocks - 9.5 inch squares. I needed 31 of them. So nice that after cutting out the squares your quilt has half the blocks made already! I put it in a 9x7 setting and that gave me a twin size quilt.

I am sew excited....... usually I would work Sat,Sun,Monday this weekend at our store but hubby offered to work for me on Saturday as an early birthday present (Sunday). Saturday is drop kids to Grandma for the day and that gives the non-working parent some much needed alone time for a few hours. I remembered that there is a quilt show today and tomorrow for the Ocala guild quilters. Their meetings are on Thursday nights which is my bowling night but I am so excited I get to go see a quilt show!

Hope you all have a great weekend.


Cyn said...

Your two Irish Chains are great! The quilt show sounds like fun... so glad you get to go. Take pics!

Cathy Tomm said...

Wow great quilt tops. So good to have a day of sewing. I see your Grandmother's choice blocks too. I am on block 3 so a little behind.

Sheila said...

Two nice finishes! That feels good. Those little boys in Vermont will love them.