Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday..... Easy Street Mystery

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving in the US. We had a nice day at home with some family for company. After everyone left, it was time to put up the Christmas tree since it was one of the few times my whole family would be home together. The kids decorated the tree as you can see here.

You can tell how high they can reach!

After I redecorated the tree a little. I know the angel is off kilter but I can't reach up there to fix him and was too lazy to get a chair to stand on.

The monsters last week while I was trying to get a Christmas picture of them.

My ulterior motive for getting the Christmas tree up and some house decorating started...... so I could sew on Friday! Bonnie Hunter posted her first clue for the Easy Street Mystery! I am sew excited since I am actually planning to work along with the mystery this year. I have saved off the last few years but have yet to make any of them. This year, my present to me is that I get to sew along and enjoy the mystery.

My fabric choices are a little different from Bonnies. I am going with blue, green, maroon, brown and creams as the neutral color. I hope it comes out ok.
What are you sewing on today?


Quilter Kathy said...

Love the photo of the tree after the kids decorated LOL
So happy to hear you are sewing the mystery this year...a great treat to give to yourself!

Angie said...

I remember many a Christmas tree decorated the same way! And then there was the year the cat climbed up into the tree...

I am trying to resist Bonnie's Mystery Quilt as I certainly don't need to start another project right now! However, I have been contemplating my own color combinations and I picked up some black on white fat quarters the other day. I like the sound of your color combo, so will be watching to see how yours develops. Hope you have a lovely day of sewing!

scraphappy said...

What a festive looking house you have managed to create. I hope you had a great day and managed to get a bit done on Easy Street. Your color choices sound beautiful. Can't wait to see it all come together.

Ellen said...

I really want to join in with Easy Street too....but I think I will have to hold off for a while. It is going to be really hard to resist - her 4 patches look so cute.

Candace said...

Your decorating turned out beautifully, your helpers did a great job. They are so cute sitting for their Christmas picture. You will love doing Bonnie's mystery and your colors sound lovely. They are addictive though so be prepared to do more than one.