Saturday, March 23, 2013

Another Saturday in Orange

This week I was able to finish the orange/black block and a few of the orange peels.

All my blocks so far.

Why I tend to wait until the 20th plus day of the month to do these when I have them all prepped at the beginning I'll never know. I guess it is just the procrastinator in me! The rest should be done by next Saturday as my parents are coming back for the week and heading home on April 1 after celebrating Easter and an early Birthday for Emily. I think the sewing machine will be left out of their room so I can sew a bit while they are here. Now to pick up the room and get it ready for company again tomorrow.

Head on over to SoScrappy's blog and see what others are working on in the orange colorway this week. I am so glad I have another week... I still have some crumbs to make!


  1. Love your orange orange peels. Still time left to use up all the last bits.

  2. I love your 64-patch blocks! I cannot wait to see what you're going to do with them.

  3. Ooops, I hit send too soon. I don't remember if you mentioned it before ... did you construct those blocks using strips or using individual little pieces?

  4. I like how you are mixing your colors with the black... you are going to have a very striking quilt when it's done!

  5. I like how you are mixing your rainbow colors with black in your 64 patch blocks. Teens and tweens will love it, too.
    Pretty "orange" peels :D
    Bread in your most recent post looks delicious!

  6. Orange peels just make so much sense. I love how the 8 by 8 patches are looking.

  7. Great blocks, you are going to have some very awesome quilts. Just noticed you live in Ocala, I live in Clermont area, practically neighbors by www standards. You have some nice quilt shops in your area, we have one local shop and now a Hobby Lobby, too.


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