Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Handy to have a quilt ready to go......

We found out last Friday that my son's teacher at pre-k has to leave for personal reasons. Aidan has two teachers in his room but this one is his favorite. She is so great with the kids and gets to know all the parents so I wanted something for her to remember her class by. I just happen to have 3 quilts completed right now without any person designated to them. I gave Aidan the choice on Monday morning and he said since she is a girl she should get the pink one. This actually has a nice cream triangle on each side of the scrappy block for the kids to write their names! They could also write on the back pink print with black. I checked with his other teacher and I'll bring it in on Thursday so they have a couple of days to write their names on the quilt for Ms. Dawn.

Now lets hope the boy's fever breaks so he can go to school tomorrow so I can drop off the quilt for the kids to sign. He had a 101 fever Tuesday night and around 100 on Wednesday. I worry with him since his normal temp is around 97 and as a toddler he had a seizure from a high temp around 101 or 102. The girl is running a bit of a temp too but she tolerates it well and other than being cranky you never know she has a fever.  I finally decided I am sick of everyone being sick (I had it last week) and have hit the house with Clorox wipes (light switches, phones, remote controls, door handles, computer keyboards, etc...). It needed a good cleaning too - so the bathrooms are cleaned, the floors are swept and mopped and all the rooms have been vacuumed and dusted. I did get my rewards.... sewing time or prep work in between each task! More on that this weekend.

I'm so glad I got a few finished quilts done the last couple of months so I had this available without any stress to finish something. Now I just need to get a few more of the pens for the kids to write with.
A big Thanks to Ms. Dawn for caring so much for my little ones and hopefully you are able to be back in August for Emily to be in your class. I guess it is time to finish off a few more UFO's... just in case. Hmmmm. I'm thinking the butterfly one might go to his other teacher.... that or another scrap quilt that is in my head. We'll see.


Ray and Jeanne said...

Sure hope all works out well for Ms. Dawn. She will LOVE the quilt. Also hope everyone in the family starts feeling better. I also have a very clean house this evening - it makes quilting so much easier/nicer! ~Jeanne

Sheila said...

I love this pink scrappy quilt. Ms. Dawn will love it. too.
I hope your family gets better soon.

Ellen said...

She is going to love her quilt! I remember how challenging those days were when both of my sons would get sick..not so much fun.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Sure hope you can get rid of that sickness - once and for all.

What a lovely quilt for Ms. Dawn. Hope it brings a smile to her face as she goes through whatever she's facing right now.