Friday, March 22, 2013

Easy Street progress.....

I saw this sign when leaving bowling the other day.

I took it as a sign to finally begin sewing my blocks into rows this week. I have a very large living room.... and this quilt makes it look tiny! This is the progress so far... lots of rows ready to be sewn together.

and of course a picture with my models who are on spring break starting today.

I was thinking this would go to my niece..... but I have a feeling it will end up as a quilt for my bed!

As for dinner...... does anyone else completely forget to take things out of the freezer like I do? I have been thinking of chicken Marsala all week and still have not taken the chicken out. Well today (yes, I know it's lent - we had fish last night, does that count?) I decided since I have the mushrooms, pepper and onion that need to get used and canned tomato's in the pantry, I would try making chicken cacciatore in the crock pot.

Now I have fond memories of Mom making this. She always used the electric yellow skillet to make this and used bone in chicken breasts. I remember this pan since she always made this and the sausage gravy in this pan... nothing else! Just like she had certain bowls to make certain things. To this day if we are referring to the small metal spatula (which all 5 of us kids have) it is the lasagna spatula! I just have to boil up some noodles around dinner time and hopefully we'll have a tasty meal tonight. No recipe - just a little of this and that thrown in on low to cook all day. I also plan to try some french bread that Ellen has been making. It looks so good I am going to give it a try. The recipe can be found here. I see the leftover bread being made into french toast on Sunday morning and the second loaf will pop into the freezer until next week to go with some lentil soup.


Sheila said...

Love your Easy Street. Mine is 95"x 95". I didn't do the borders as wide as Bonnie suggested. I'm going to sandwich it at a friend's house that has an empty room. haha.
Yum! You have given me some good crock pot ideas for this cold rainy weekend. Thank you :)

Moneik said...

Your quilt turned out beautiful! I love making huge quilts like that, but they take so much time!

Angie said...

Great looking Easy Street - can't wait to see the "beauty shot" when it's all finished!
LOL about forgetting to take stuff out of the freezer! I still do that all the time, but my DH discovered our microwave does a great job of defrosting, so I no longer can use that excuse!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I love your Easy Street! I can't wait to see it when you're done with it.

I forget to thaw chicken all the time. My daughter taught me a trick. Put he chicken breasts in a large bowl of water. Put in the microwave and "cook" on low power for a few minutes. Check periodically so as soon as the chicken as thawed, take them out of the bowl, blot dry and cook as desired. That has been a huge help to me because as I said, I'm always forgetting to get chicken out of the freezer in time to use it that evening.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned lasagna. Any chance of you posting your (mom's) recipe for that? Thanks.  

Ellen said...

Love Easy Street and yes you should keep it for yourself!

I just took out 2 pkgs of chicken breasts this morning and you have given me a great idea for cooking them. I have to go to Toronto this morning but when I return I will be making that bread again. It just disappears so quickly!

scraphappy said...

Easy Street is looking fabulous. So funny that you saw a sign for it. Hope the chicken turned out delicious.