Thursday, March 28, 2013

A busy spring break week.....

Life has been a wee bit hectic at my house. The kids are on spring break and I've been fiddling with a bank change at work... boy is that a total pain in the behind! One last thing to get fixed and I think I can close that old account next week after the last two bills pay from there.
Mom and Dad are back for the week and I've been scheduling things for the kids. Tuesday.... we attempted to go bowling but the lanes were all full. We'll try again on Friday after I do some costume work with the girls for Emmy's dance recital in April. We ended up at IHop for lunch instead and both kids demolished a funny face pancake for lunch.
Yesterday we hit the Citrus County Fair in Inverness with Grandma H, my parents and the kids. The carnival rides were not open during the day but there were plenty of animals to look at and pet, horses to ride and cows to milk (not a real one).

There was a building of trains set up and running that entertained the kids and adults. I also got to see a few quilts hanging up.

Of course - Emmy saw a cow outside of the barn with all the cows, a big black one. She really wanted to pet it. I asked - the adult there said - 'It's a 1400 pound heifer, but if you pick her up I'll hold the cow and try to keep her still. So.... Emmy got to pet the pretty black cow. She also was petting a pig, rabbits and the horses she rode. Did I mention my girl loves cows? That was her request for a birthday present. Daddy - get me an ambulance, grandma is getting her a princess clock and Mommy has to get her a cow!

They also played with a two person band that was playing around the fair. They had a box of instruments for kids to play along with them. Mine joined right in!

Today, I was thinking of taking them to a farm but I think we need a stay at home day today. Maybe I can find some sewing time..... I need to make a Midget block and my GC block for the week.


Sheila said...

What a wonderful day! Thank you for sharing pictures.

Moneik said...

Sounds like such a fun week.

Ray and Jeanne said...

It sounds like a fun week and full - staying at home a day is always good! We are enjoying part of our grandchildren's spring break - we are all in a motel. I'm tired but happy! I think it's time for a day at home! ~Jeanne